Collection: Underquilts


Stay warm in freezing temperatures with our lightweight and compact underquilts. Premium materials ensure superior warmth, compressibility, and weight.

Onewind Outdoors presents the ultimate solution for staying warm during your winter camping adventures – our Hammock Underquilt Collection. Engineered to provide the lightest and most compact underquilts, we offer the full protective warmth you need in freezing temperatures.

Choose from our range of down underquilts, Dupont Sorona synthetic underquilts, or the versatile combo of synthetic underquilt. Each underquilt is meticulously crafted using premium materials and advanced insulation techniques to create a weatherproof barrier that strikes the perfect balance between warmth, compressibility, and weight.

When it comes to winter camping, comfort and safety are paramount. Our underquilts are designed to deliver superior comfort in all conditions while ensuring your safety by effectively resisting frostbite and hypothermia.

With Onewind's Hammock Underquilt Collection, you can confidently embark on your winter camping trips, knowing that you'll be protected from the cold elements. Experience the difference of our high-quality winter camping gear and elevate your outdoor experience to new levels of warmth and comfort.

Choose Onewind for the lightest, most compact, and reliable underquilts. Embrace the winter season with confidence and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while staying cozy and safe.