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      Onewind Underquilt Instruction and Q&A

      Lightweight Soft Smooth Shell and Lining Fabric:

      • Both sides of the underquilt (Shell and lining) are made of 20 Denier Ultra Lightweight Nylon Taffeta Fabric.

      • Fabric Weight: 1.12OZ/Y2 (38g/m2) Soft, Smooth, and Lightweight.

      • The fabric is down-proof cired so it is windproof and waterproof for small rain (the same fabric we always used on down jackets).

      Filling: Bio-Based Fiber Made with DuPont™ Sorona® Synthetic Insulation.

      • Sustans® is a natural permanent 3D spiral fiber for heat preservation and has excellent loft and recovery from compacting.  

      • High warmth, high elasticity, comfortable hand feeling, and more consistent loft quilt that had a good feel and is durable, with good flexibility of use.

      Hammock Underquilt and Blanket Combo for 4 Seasons OD Green

      Multi-Usage: Warm Style and Cool Style  

      • Tighten each end of the cord, the two ends are completely attached to the hammock to keep it warm, suitable for colder weather; When fully released, the two ends can be hung down, suitable for warmer days.

      • Integrated shock cord lines allow for vent adjustment and maintain the gather at the ends of the underquilt.

      • Different color carabiners are used to distinguish the head and foot.

      Hammock Underquilt and Blanket Combo for 4 Seasons OD Green

      2 in 1 Combo Design for 4 Season

      • You can also attach the Onewind Camping Blanket to the Underquilt, making this a truly modular 4-season underquilt system. Stacking the underquilt and blanket like this can get the temperature range down to 10°F!

      • Simply fasten the camping blanket inside the underquilt down the long edges, and tuck it inside your underquilt, effectively doubling the amount of insulation. 

      Bottom insulation---No cold bottom in Winter 

      • Tighten the middle part of the underquilt (for a normal underquilt, the part under the butt and the leg are hanging down, and can’t be completely attached to the hammock, so the butt and the bottom of the leg will be cold. This is a common problem, using two rubber cords you can tight the bottom and leg parts of the underquilt, to completely attach to the hammock, it will help you feel very warm.

      Double Side Bag: Easy Setup and Keep Clean 

      • Engineered to make storage and set up a breeze. Double side compression bag keeps the underquilt clean, contained, and off the ground. Connect one side and release the hammock underquilt from the compression bag as you go.

      Adjustment Cords & Easy-Adjust 

      • There are cinch cords completely around the underquilt.

      • You can adjust the underquilt position, and shape easily to suit your comfort best. 

      Underquilt used on Bridge Hammock

      Hammock Underquilt and Blanket Combo for 4 Seasons OD Green

      Easy Set-Up

      1. Clip carabiner at one end. Take the bag and go to the other end and clip it. No need to pull the entire underquilt out to install, helping to keep it cleaner and less prone to damage.

      2. Every time you put away your underquilt, the two carabiners can stay outside the bag. When you go to hang it again, there is no need to rummage for hardware.

      3. After hanging the underquilt, you don't have to remove the bag. Just let it hang directly on the underquilt suspension, so when it is time to pack up, you don't have to look for the stuff sack.

      How Customers Rate Onewind Outdoors Underquilts

      Among best seller brands, onewind underquilt ranks perfect for its price and quality.

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