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Hammock Winter Windsock Camo

Hammock Winter Windsock Camo

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Size: 126" x 50" (320cm*127cm)

Weight: 12oz (340g)

Material: 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon

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Product Description

When temperatures drop and the wind starts howling, you’ll need to have a serious insulating layer to throw on your hammock as there's no better feeling than relaxing in a cozy and warm setup.
Light and compact, the Onewind Windsock is a real game-changer for winter adventures as it helps provide an extra layer of warmth on the coldest of nights. It's made from 1.1 oz ripstop nylon and weighs 12oz. It also features a built-in mesh air vents that doubles as windows to keep the airflow going inside so you can stay warm while winter camping and get the rest you need to charge hard on the next day’s mission.


Windsock Size: 126" x 50" (320cm*127cm) 

Weight: 12oz (340g)

Material: 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon

Onewind has two kinds of Windsocks:
Bottem Entry Windsock
Bottem Entry Windsock with Zipper

For ease of entry and exit, our tips for using with a hammock:
Zipper Hammock: Use Bottem Entry Windsock with Zipper
Bottem Entry Hammock: Both can be used

Winter Windsock Camo for camping


All Weather Protection

Keep your hammock protected from small rain, snow, dirt, and more when camping outdoors with Onewind Windsock. It is designed like a large sleeve that wraps around your hammock and underquilt to block wind, snow, and even light rain. It's made from DWR 1.1 oz ripstop nylon making it durable and breathable. 

Warm and Comfortable

Stay warm and comfy in your hammock during cold nights or adverse weather conditions. This hammock cover is wind resistant so it blocks cold winds in the winter and helps protect campers from wind chill. It is also fully enclosed to add an extra later of insulation while creating a micro-climate by trapping the head inside the sock for the most ideal temperature.

Onewind Camo Winter Windsock


Lightweight and Compact

Weighing only 12oz (340g), this sock can easily be packed and lugged inside your backpack. It measures 126" x 50" (320cm*127cm)  so it can easily protect your single or double hammock for up to 12' camping hammock.

Bottom Entry Windsock

Simply slide this sock over the ridgeline and clinch it at the end for the perfect set-up. It includes a shock-corded bottom easier in and out and features a small mesh window to prevent internal condensation from forming inside your hammock.

onewind  hammock winter windsock camo


Combines the benefits of a hammock overcover and underquilt protector in one piece of gear. This windsock is compatible with a wide range of hammocks for full protection against light rain and snow. Get yours today!

Choosing the Right Hammock

Wind socks are essentially just what they sound like - a sock that goes over your hammock to provide protection from the wind. They can help decrease convective heat loss. In other words, if it's windy and you're in a hammock without a wind sock, you're going to get cold. The wind will cause the air around you to circulate, and that circulating air is going to take your body heat with it. But if you have a wind sock, it will block the wind and help keep your body heat in. Secondly, even in still air, a wind sock will add warmth to your hammock. This is because they're usually made out of breathable fabric. So, as you sleep, your body heat will be trapped in the fabric and will radiate back to you, keeping you warm all night long.