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      [Add Warmth] The Hammock winter sock helps warmth to a hammock camping by creating a micro-climate by reducing heat loss to air movement. Good hammock gear in the winter

      [Blocks Wind] The hammock wind protection blocks cold winds in the winter, is very wind-resistant, but is ventilated to reduce moisture buildup inside. Good choice for winter hammock camping

      [Easy Setup] In less than one minute, the sock slides over the ridgeline and clinches at each end. (Need ridgeline on your hammock)  
      New version of onewind windsock has been upgraded. One end of the windsock has a bigger entry for hammock and underquilt. Campers just slide the windsock from one end to the other.
      Package Small Bottom Entry Wind Sock Water Resistant

      [Lightweight and DWR Material] Made from DWR 1.1 oz ripstop nylon making it durable, breathable, wind-resistant,  protected from stains. Snow and light rain/mist will just bead up and roll off.

       [Small Packing Size and Light Weight]

      Size: 122"*43"           Package Size: 5.8" x 3.2"           Weight: 360g/12.5oz