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TriFunction Hammock: The 3-in-1 VersaSwing

TriFunction Hammock: The 3-in-1 VersaSwing

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Size & Weight
Size: 1.8m*1.4m (71"*55")
Total weight: 405g (14.29oz)
Hammock Bed: 155g (5.47oz)
Tree Straps and Cinch Buckle: 250g (8.82oz)

Hammock Bed: 1.7oz 40g nylon ripstop fabric
Tree Straps: Polyester Tree Straps

Accessories List
Hammock Bed*1
Integrated Stuff Sack*1
Cinch Buckle * 2
10' Tree Straps *2

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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Product Description

Experience unmatched versatility with a single solution that transforms effortlessly into a toilet hammock, chair swing, and kids' play space, adapting seamlessly to your changing needs.


Ultimate Outdoor Trihammock: Our 3-in-1 Trihammock is the perfect camping gear, offering exceptional versatility for your outdoor adventures. Easily convert it into a comfortable chair, a spacious camping hammock, or a convenient portable toilet, making it a must-have for your camping essentials list.

Lightweight Yet Durable: At only 405g, our Trihammock is a lightweight addition to your camping equipment, offering durability and comfort. The combination of a 155g hammock bed and sturdy polyester tree straps ensures a reliable setup for your outdoor adventures.

High-Quality Materials: Constructed with 1.7oz 40g nylon ripstop fabric, the hammock bed is designed for lasting comfort and resilience. The polyester tree straps provide strong support, making it a staple in your camping supplies.

1. Camping Chair Mode: Relax in style with our Trihammock's chair mode, an ideal feature for campsite relaxation and nature observation. Its adult-friendly design ensures you can enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and ease.

2. Spacious Camping Hammock: Ideal for both kids and adults, our hammock extends to a length of 1.8m, providing a cozy escape for campers. Made from durable nylon ripstop fabric, it's a reliable addition to your camping gear, ensuring restful sleep under the stars.

3. Innovative Portable Toilet: Experience the convenience of our VersaSwing’s portable toilet feature during your outdoor excursions. Its large size and hygienic design offer a practical solution to nature's call, enhancing your camping experience.

Easy and Quick Setup: Our VersaSwing hammock comes with user-friendly accessories, ensuring a stress-free setup. It’s an essential part of your camping kit, ready to enhance your outdoor experience with its simplicity and functionality.

Accessory List for Campers:

  • 10' Tree Straps x 2: Secure and robust straps for stable hammock setup.
  • Cinch Buckle x 2: Quick-adjust buckles for hassle-free assembly.
  • Continuous Loop x 2: Reliable loops for enduring hammock support.
  • Integrated Stuff Sack x 1: Compact and convenient for efficient storage and transportation.