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      Two sliding Prusik knots, made from continuous loops, are included in the mini reel. Makes spacing for the tarp completely adjustable.

      Easy to use hardware for cinching your tarp line tight, and locking it in place

      The reel including the tarp ridgeline keeps all the cords neatly tucked away, ready to easily deploy

      Set up by Prussik Knots Three Continuous Loops Easy to collect the rope Guyline can be Changed


      Cord Material: Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). It’s the same material that’s used by common brand names like Dyneema and Amsteel.

      Cordage Size: 8 strands, hollow braided cord. The diameter is 1.5mm and the length is 40ft. Lightweight and lighter than water. The cord can float on water.

      Breaking Strength: 200 pounds.


       Good choice for survival, bushcraft, wilderness, hammock camping, hiking...