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      Self-Healing Zipper Package Cube--


      Material: Sel-healing Nylon

      [Travel Easy-Space Saver]The zippered packing cube works perfectly in compressing clothes to help save space in your carry-on luggage or travel backpack. Great travel gear to minimize your carry-on size. Quick grab handle for easy access to pulling out packed cubes from suitcase or backpack.

      [Self-healing Technology Fabric]Built with an ultra-durable nylon ripstop made with a revolutionary weaving process that results in a lighter, stronger, and self-healing ripstop fabric. Small punctures can be repaired without any tools — simply rub the fabric with your bare hands and the heat and friction from your fingertips will mend the puncture.


      [Water Resistant]Washable and water resistance making them a great choice to replace single-use plastic bags. A must-have for active adventure looking to travel light and stay organized whether hiking or simply day today and you are not going to have to worry about the contents inside of your bag getting wet if you were to get hit with unexpected water

      [Lightweight]Less than 1 oz each size, whether you’re planning an epic thru-hike or a quick weekend jaunt, keeping pack weight down is key. Lightweight backpacking is way more comfortable and enjoyable

      [How much does each size hold]Each size packing cube holds differently. Large bag holds pants/Medium holds a week worth of shirts/ small holds a week's worth of underwear/socks. Example: Large holds rainjacket, zip hoodie, Long sleeve t-shirt, and a cardigan. Medium will hold 4 women's size medium T-shirts. Small will hold your underwear and socks or personal accessories.

      Size Weight
      L 360*255*80mm, 14x10x3in 27.86g, 0.98oz
      M 255*180*80mm, 10x7x3in 20.8g, 0.73oz
       S 190*110*60mm, 7.5*4.3*2.2in 12.8g, 0.45oz