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      Function as an Underquilt Protector:
      Keep your underquilt clean, dry
      Retain warmth in your underquilt on windy and/or rainy days

      In winter, the outer layer of the underquilt may become wet by moisture in the air. The underquilt protector can block water vapor, allowing water vapor to condense on the protector outer surface instead of the underquilt. This will help with more warmth, and keep the underquilt dry.

      The wind resistance will also help the underquilt hold in a little more heat normally lost to wind. And lastly, in very warm conditions, when an underquilt is not needed, the UQP can be used as a barrier to keep bugs from getting to you through the bottom of the hammock, and can also keep the cold back syndrome down that occurs near dawn. Avoid mosquito to bite through hammock fabric. Block wind in summer deep night

      Function as a hammock double skin:

      Avoid mosquito biting through hammock fabric.
      Block wind on summer nights

      It’s too hot to camping with an underquilt in summer. But without an underquilt, you will worry that the cool breeze in the middle of the night will make you catch a cold. Our hammock double skin will block wind on your back on the summer nights.

      Also with Onewind hammock double skin, you never worry about the mosquito bite through one layer hammock fabric.

      Easy Set-Up:

      Each end has ample shock cording to attach to the hammock suspension.

      Lightweight and Compact:

      Size is 85"*53"                       Package Size:2.8"*6"                   Weight:180g/6.35oz