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      The tarp/rainfly is made from durable, abrasion-resistant. 20D Silnylon Ripstop, and is coated with silicon/PU 4000mm waterproofing. 

      10’ 7” x 9’ 7” rectangle hammock rain fly that gives large coverage to help more thoroughly offer shelter from the rain, sleet, snow, or whatever weather

      Onewind tarp can be used for sun shield at summer and wind, storm, snow in winter 

      hammock shelter

      In winter, the ends convert to doors and can be closed to keep in warmth and keep out winds and snows

      In warmer weather, onewind rain fly can be set up in numerous ways, allowing airflow, or closing down for windy rain.

      The guyline tensioner:  No knots needed, easy Set up.

      Good choice for hammock backpacking, hiking 

      Why Buy Onewind Hammock Tarp?

      • Lightweight compact and portable
      • Versatile for four seasons, all-weather protective
      • Durable and heavy stitching
      • Large coverage surface 
      • Set up instructions/ guylines are reflective lightweight compact
      • Full kits of gears
      • Carrying bag included 
      • Backpacker approved 
      • money-back guaranteed