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Dyad Lightweight Survival Shelter for Stealth Camping

Dyad Lightweight Survival Shelter for Stealth Camping

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Size & Weight
Shelter fabric weight: 265g (9oz)
Suspension gift weight: 200g
Total weight: 465g

Shelter Size: 4.2m-2.6m* 1.4m (13ft-8ft*4.6ft)
Package size: 16cm*Φ8cm (6inches*3inches)

15D Nylon with silicone Coated on the Face side and PU coated on the backside

Accessories List
7* Tent stake
5* 3.05m Light reflective Guy line
Magnets pull-out adjustable system

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Product Description

Looking for a lightweight and versatile shelter that you can take with you on your next outdoor excursion? Look no further than our Lightweight Survival Shelter! This shelter is made of durable materials and can be used as a tent, tarp, or ground sheet. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your backpack without taking up too much space so don't go camping without one! 


Ultralight Survival Shelter For Stealth Camping

Experience the ultimate in survival shelter with the Onewind Outdoors ultralight camping shelter. This innovative hybrid shelter combines the best features of a tarp and a tent, providing you with a compact and lightweight solution for all your camping adventures. Whether you're into bushcraft, stealth camping, or need a reliable emergency shelter, this is the perfect choice.

Compact and Lightweight Design of the Small Tarp Shelter

Space is precious when camping, which is why our tarp shelter is designed to be ultralight and compact. Weighing only 265g/9oz, it's as light as five eggs, and it packs down to a mere 16cm*Φ8cm for effortless storage and easy mobility. Despite its small size, this shelter offers ample coverage, measuring 4.2-2.6m x 1.4m, ensuring you and your outdoor gear stay protected.

Waterproof and Durable Silnylon Tarp Shelter

Our camping rain shelter is constructed with high-quality silnylon materials to withstand the harshest elements. The 1.1oz ripstop silnylon fabric, featuring a silicone and PU 3000mm coating, ensures excellent waterproofing, lightweight, durability, water repellency, and quick drying, Keeping you and your belongings dry throughout the night.


Versatile Configurations Shelter Tent

With multiple attachment points, this shelter offers endless possibilities for customization. Whether you need a low-height survival shelter, a wind blocker for added privacy, a shelter half tent setup, or a high setup for comfortable resting, this ultralight shelter can adapt to your needs. Its easy setup and transformation make it a versatile companion in any terrain.

Onewind Outdoors Lightweight Survival Shelter for Camping

Superior Protection Against the Elements

Stay protected from wind, rain, and other challenging weather conditions with our fast pitch tent. As a limited-time offer, your purchase includes a free suspension gift consisting of 7* Tent pegs, 5* 3.05m light reflective tent guyline, and a magnetic tent hook as extra pullout for easier setup.

Complete Shelter Set with Optional Accessories

Enhance your shelter experience with the optional Onewind Shelter Mosquito net and Onewind Tent Footprint. The tent mosquito net keeps pesky insects at bay, allowing you to enjoy a bug-free camping experience. The tent footprint serves as a protective groundsheet or tent roof, providing an extra layer of insulation and protection from moisture. With these optional camping accessories, you can create a complete shelter set that is functional and affordable, making it suitable for any camping adventure, including winter camping with a fireplace. Elevate your comfort and convenience by adding these accessories to your camping gear.

Onewind Outdoors Lightweight Survival Shelter for Camping

Don't compromise on quality and functionality when it comes to your camping survival shelter. The Onewind Outdoors camping shelter offers the perfect balance of waterproof, durability, versatility, and lightweight design.  It's the ideal choice for backpacking, bushcraft, hiking, or cowboy camping in any weather condition. Order yours today and experience the ultimate survival shelter for all your outdoor adventures.