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      Onewind Outdoors Ultralight Ground Mat For Camping, Outdoors, Backpacking

      Must Have For Every Tent

      Our ground mat doesn't just keep moisture from seeping through your tent and getting your gear wet but it will also protect your tent from daily wear and tear.

      Snag-poof and Waterproof

      A tough groundsheet can be easily overlooked but it makes all the difference when setting up the campsite. This footprint is treated by a silicone coated on the face side and PU4000mm coated on the backside so it's waterproof and snag-proof to provide the ultimate protection in any weather.

      Durable Quality

      Built to last, our footprint ground mat is made with 1.1oz silnylon ripstop fabric with durable built-in webbing loops and pockets on every corner that allow you to weigh it down in case you don’t want to use stakes.

      Onewind Outdoors Survival lightweight Shelter For Camping, Outdoors, Backpacking

      Lightweight and Compact

      Our Footprint Ground Mat folds easily and comes with a matching stuff sack. It is lightweight and packages small so you can put this in your pocket for easy storage and mobility.

      Versatile Usage

      The Footprint Ground Mat can be used as a versatile tarp shelter, survival shelter, picnic mat, and beach mat, perfectly suitable for camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, backpacking, sporting events, festivals, beach activities, family gatherings, backyard parties, a must-have for outdoor activities.

      Onewind Outdoors Lightweight Footprint

      Easy to Setup and Pack Up

      Unfold the footprint and lay it on the ground to use in a second, also can use stakes and guylines (not included) to connect the mat through the elastic cord when taking it as a tent tarp.

      Multipurpose and Versatile

      This backpacking gear also makes an excellent rain tarp, survival shelter, picnic or beach mat, or a rain shelter when backcountry camping. Enjoy a fun time with some friends and get more relaxation.