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      The Onewind seamless poncho maximizes your adventures by handling weather to keep you moving forward. It is a multi-function rain cover that offers extra warmth and protection for any outdoor activity whether you use it as a shelter or  groundsheet.

      Durable and Reliable

      Whether you are heading out for a backpacking trip, hiking, fishing trip or camping, make sure that you stay dry and comfortable with Onewind's Rain Poncho for adults. It's made from 1.1oz Silnylon Ripstop that is waterproof and tear-resistant so you can get the most out of this rain gear.

      Lightweight and Compact

      Designed for hikers and backpackers, this hooded poncho will easily fit over your rucksack while hiking. It weighs 0.57 lbs and folds into a compact size of 7 x 18 cm and comes in a matching stuff sack for portability and easy storage.

      Superior Weather Protection

      Designed to cover you and your backpack while providing a decent amount of leg coverage. It measures 98"x56" and features a hoodie to protect your head and neck from cooler temperature. It has cord adjusters and side fasteners that can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

      Versatile and Multifunction

      When you're not wearing it, this heavy-duty rain poncho can be converted into a tarp, groundsheet, backpack rain cover or a survival shelter in seconds.

      Breathable and Comfortable

      Our large rain poncho delivers 360 degrees coverage with lightweight yet durable material. The arm holes and bottom are loose enough to allow air circulation making it very comfortable to wear. Stay safe and dry with this adjustable rain poncho for men and women. Order yours today!

        Best Camo Rain Poncho Shelter

        Rain Poncho Works as a Tarp Shelter

        The Onewind Rain Poncho can be turned into a variety of shelters like the lean-to setup by following a few steps.

               1. Stakeout two of the corners of the Rain Poncho. 

               2. Use two trekking poles to secure and stake out the high side. 

               3. Use the small alligator accessory to hang your poncho for a modified tarp shelter.