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      Choosing the Right Windsock

      Windsocks are essentially just what they sound like - a sock that goes over your hammock to provide protection from the wind. They can help decrease convective heat loss. In other words, if it's windy and you're in a hammock without a windsock, you're going to get cold. The wind will cause the air around you to circulate, and that circulating air is going to take your body heat with it. But if you have a windsock, it will block the wind and help keep your body heat in. Secondly, even in still air, a windsock will add warmth to your hammock. This is because they're usually made out of breathable fabric. So, as you sleep, your body heat will be trapped in the fabric and will radiate back to you, keeping you warm all night long.

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      Lightweight and Compact

      Weighing only 9.5oz, this windsock can easily be packed and lugged inside your backpack. It measures 122"x43" so it can easily protect your single or double hammock for up to 12' camping hammock.

      Onewind outdoors perfect outdoor hammock

      Easy To Use and Setup

      Simply slide this sock over the ridgeline and clinch it at the end for the perfect set-up. It includes a shock-corded bottom for easier in and out and features a small mesh window to prevent internal condensation from forming inside your hammock.

      onewind outdoors outdoor hammock

      Versatile Camping Gear

      Combines the benefits of a hammock overcover and underquilt protector in one piece of gear. This windsock is compatible with a wide range of hammocks for the full protection against light rain and snow.

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      Bottom Entry Wind Sock
      Package Small Bottom Entry Wind Sock Water Resistant Window

      Small Packing Size and Lightweight

      Size: 122"*43"
      Package Size: 5.8" x 3.2"
      Weight: 360g/12.5oz