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Packing Cubes for Travel, Lightweight and Waterproof Travel Organizer

Packing Cubes for Travel, Lightweight and Waterproof Travel Organizer

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Large: 14x10x3 inch
Medium: 10x7x3 inch
Small: 7.5x4.3x2.2 inch

Material: Water-resistant Nylon

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Product Description

Keep your gears organized with Onewind Packing Cube. This organizing tool is the simplest way to zip away your clutter. Whether you’re packing luggage, a duffel bag, or a rugged backpack, packing cubes makes the process easy, so you never have to worry if you packed your extra pair of socks, undies, or your favorite jacket.


Size Weight
L 360*255*80mm, 14x10x3in 27.86g, 0.98oz
M 255*180*80mm, 10x7x3in 20.8g, 0.73oz
 S 190*110*60mm, 7.5*4.3*2.2in 12.8g, 0.45oz

Space-Saving Packing Cube

Make organizing your clothes a breeze with Onewind's Packing Cube. It helps you to effortlessly store and organize your clothes, making them easy to pack and unpack with your travel bags. It's also designed to fit perfectly in your luggage, carry-on suitcase, travel pack, and hotel drawers making them much more convenient to use. 

Self-Healing Fabric

Built with an ultra-durable nylon ripstop fabric that is lighter and stronger. It also has a self-healing feature made from a breakthrough weaving method so small punctures can be fixed without the need for any tools. Simply rub the cloth with your bare hands and the heat and friction from your fingertips will mend the puncture.

Durable and Water Resistant

Onewind's packing cube set is made from water-resistant nylon that easily evaporates so it's less prone to grow mold or other fungi. This travel bag organizer is the way to go if you value durability and want your items last a lifetime. 

Lightweight and Packable

These travel organizers are ideal for when you want to keep your bag as light as possible while also saving space. Each packing cube weighs less than 1oz and comes in different sizes. A large packing cube (14x10x3 inch) is great for a rain jackets, zip hoodies, long sleeves and cardigans. Medium packing cube (10x7x3 inch) is great for sleeping clothes and t-shirts. While the small packing cube (7.5x4.3x2.2 inch) is great for underwear, socks, and personal accessories.

Multi-Function Organizer

Whether you are packing a carry-on suitcase or checking a larger bag, packing cubes allow you to fit everything into your bag. They can be used as shoe bags for travel, storage bag for underwear and socks, and you can simply place the cubes inside closets and drawers to reduce clutter and make your home tidy and spacious. Order yours today!