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Hammock Adjustable Whoopie Sling-Pair

Hammock Adjustable Whoopie Sling-Pair

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Size: 40cm-190cm,15.7“-75” (Single), Pair

Weight: 22.2g, 0.78oz

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Product Description

Onewind Outdoors Hammock UHMWPE Adjustable Whoopie Sling allows easy and convenient set up of your hammock. It is a high strength, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and secure while lying down on your hammock.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Onewind is confident that the Hammock Adjustable Structural Ridgeline will be your preferred outdoor product. This is why we back it up with a 100% guarantee. If you ever feel unsatisfied, simply reach out to us within 30 days of receipt of your item, and we will gladly replace the item with another one according to your preference.

What is a Whoopie Sling?

Explanation from Wikipedia

The whoopie sling works by wrapping the sling around a heavy load bearing limb and pulling the end of the rope within the sling through a spliced choker. By adjusting the size of the eye in the rope through the choker the user is able to adjust the length of the sling constricting around the tree without needing knots. It is also becoming more common (usually in smaller diameter) for suspending hammocks during hiking, camping, or sailing.