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      Onewind Outdoor Gear Storage Hammock mini hammock chair

      The 3-hole guy line tensioners make setting up the gear hammock a breeze, requiring less than 60 seconds. Its unique design allows for faster adjustments that won’t slip, and lock the suspension into place.  

      hammock gear

      Versatility by design allows the gear hammock to be used for multiple purposes. You can store your gear in it, couple it with a set of tree straps (sold separately) and use it as a food bag and suspend it from a tree branch to keep critters large and small away from your supplies, or use it for a bed for your four-legged friends that hike and camp with you.  It's one of the best Onewind Outdoors Accessories.  

      chair hammock

      Keep Your Food Supplies Before Wild Animals Snag Them

      One of the things every outdoor camper must realize is that, when it is mealtime, they’ve got to be quick, alert, and agile. The wilderness is unpredictable, and there are roaming creatures and critters who may grab your cooked or grilled food even before you do. With the onewind backpacking cover plus gear hammock, you can easily install them from tree branches to let the food away from your supplies and the threats from the wild. It also adds sanitation to your outdoor food preparation.

      Setup In 60 Seconds!

      Taking it further to the next level is the way it can easily be installed, and mind you, in just 60 seconds. It is equipped with three-hold guy line tensioners that make setting up the hammock hassle-free. The design adds to the ease of setup, since it allows for faster adjustments that won’t slip, locking the suspension firmly into place.