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Down Gear Storage Sack

Down Gear Storage Sack

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Size: 80cm*45cm, Φ30cm

Weight: 70g

Material: Cotton-feel Polyester

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Product Description

Embrace the seamless blend of functionality and care with the Onewind Down Gear Storage Sack, the ideal resting place for your Down Gear during the warmer months. In its light khaki elegance, this sack is intricately woven from a cotton-feel polyester, providing a protective cocoon that ensures your down items retain their loftiness and warmth for when the mercury dips again.

Seasonal Storage Without the Squeeze

The storage bag for down gear is a seasonal sanctuary for your quilts, offering ample space to prevent over-compression. By allowing your down gear to rest in a state close to its natural loft, the bag ensures that the insulating properties remain uncompromised, ready for the cold season's embrace.

Ultralight yet Unyielding

At just 70g, the down gear storage sack is a testament to featherweight strength, safeguarding your gear against the subtleties of storage without adding bulk.

Identify with Ease

Outfitted with a semi-wrapped pocket for identification cards, this storage sack for down gear transcends its function, becoming an intuitive organizer for your treasured down items.

Onewind Down Gear

Equinox Hammock Down Underquilt

Solstice Hammock Down Underquilt

Equinox Hammock Down Topquilt

Solstice Hammock Down Topquilt

The Onewind Down Gear Storage Sack is your answer to maintaining the plushness and warmth of your gear, ensuring that when the chill returns, your down is as prepared and inviting as the first day of winter.