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Hammock Continuous Loops- 6 loops/pack

Hammock Continuous Loops- 6 loops/pack

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Weight: 5g per meter

Material: UHMWPE

Accessories List: 4 pieces of 3mm (7/64")

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Product Description

Onewind Continuous Loop made from UHMWPE, has high strength and light in mass, combine with onewind outdoors well-designed one-layer tree straps and Cinch Buckle Suspension, which is easy to set up in a minute. It's a great gathered-end hammock suspension.

Materials Made From - The Onewind Continuous Loops are made from UHMWPE. It is lightweight and durable.

  • Benefits - The Continuous Loops are able to stably hold the hammock at a suitable position to make you feel comfortable lying on it. 
  • Package - The onewind Continuous Loops are well packed by the plastic package. There are 4 pieces of 3mm (7/64") in each pack. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - The outcome of your outdoor camp is important to us. This is why we support this with a 100% guarantee. If you have ever felt unsatisfied, reach out to us to return or exchange your item within 30 days of receipt of shipment, and we will offer a different variant that will work great for you.

It's a good idea to use onewind outdoors Continuous Loop together with Cinch Buckle Suspension and One Layer Tree Straps. It can stably hold the hammock by using only one layer of light and durable UHMWPE.

cinch buckle suspension

With the Continuous Loop camping hammock from Onewind, you can get a durable suspension from UHMWPE rope, with a strong breaking strength of 1500 LBS but very light in mass, only 5g per meter. Having the smart design and lightweight features, you can conveniently pack them inside your travel bags, luggage, and even keep them in a safe area in the rucksack along with your other belongings.

To set up the hammock continuous loop, utilize the cinch buckle suspension and the tree strap, begin strapping them together like how you’d adjust the straps of your sports climbing harness or carabiner, seat belt, or backpack.