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      Blackthorn Zipper Tarp

      The Blackthorn Zipper Tarp is created for adventurers who go camping in any condition. It is spacious, simple to pitch, and has zippered doors to provide protection against tough weather conditions.

      Onewind Outdoors Blackthorn Ultralight Tarp Tent

      Strong and Waterproof

      Built to last, Onewind Hammock Tarp is designed to withstand the sun, rain, and snow. Made with Silnylon Ripstop and a robust 3000mm waterproof barrier to keep you protected from rain and cold wind.

      Wide Coverage

      With a dimension of 102" x 94" on the ground, the Blackthorn Zippered Tarp provides excellent capacity and clearance when set up as a tarp tent. It can accommodate 3-4 adults with an adjustable height for bigger headroom allowing you to move inside your tarp without feeling restricted.

      Onewind Outdoors Blackthorn Ultralight Tarp Tent

      Lightweight and Compact

      The Blackthorn Tarp Tent is made from 1.1oz silnylon ripstop fabric which is waterproof and lightweight. It only weighs 4.2 lbs including all suspensions for convenient storage.

      With its own convenient compression sack, the Blackthorn Zippered Tarp packs up small to 45cm*Φ12cm/17.7"*4.7".

      Easy In and Out

      This camping tarp is thoughtfully built with zippered doors using durable YKK zippers. The doors can be left open to maximize airflow or closed to form a mini-beak to prevent splashing back in rain.

      Onewind Outdoors Blackthorn Ultralight Tarp Tent

      Multiple Attachment Points

      This hammock rainfly can be set up in many different ways depending on weather conditions. It comes with 18 tie-outs with 3 on the ridgeline and 8 mid-panel. The tie-outs are reinforced for added durability and stability.

      Onewind Outdoors Blackthorn Ultralight Tarp Tent

      Easy to Set-Up

      This camping tarp includes all suspensions necessary to set this up in seconds giving you a quick and safe shelter.