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      How To Get Onewind Points

      Confirm your registration on the Onewind website and the "Onewind Rewards" system.
      When you sign up and verify your email on your profile page you will receive a 5% discount that you can use on any of our product.
      Onewind Outdoor reward points that you can use to buy camping hammock, tarp, underquilt, topquilt, camping accessories, and camping gears.

      Buy and Save
      You’ll earn 5 points for every $1 spent on your purchase. Points will be credited to your account once your order is confirmed.
      Review our Product
      Get 300-800 points by writing a review. Points awarded will range from 300 to 800 points depending on the quality of review written(1500+ Characters review with 5 images and above)
       Once the review is posted after 3 days kindly send the screenshot to service@onewindoutdoors.com.
      Take a Good Picture
      Send your Onewind product picture review to service@onewindoutdoors.com to get a chance to earn 300 points.
      Take a Good Video
      Shoot a video of Onewind products and send us your video link. You can get 500-1000 points.

      How To Use Onewind Points

      Every 100 points = $1. 

      Validity Period of Onewind Points

      Expiration dates range from 3 years. If your points expired before being used, they will be deleted from your account.