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      The Onewind Penumbra Hot Tent is a multifunctional tarp that is designed to withstand the fiercest weather you can camp in. It will keep you comfortable, cozy, and warm even in extreme weather conditions while protecting you from heavy rain, sun, and snow.

      Onewind Outdoors Prenumbra Hot Tent Tarp for Hammock Camping

      Cold Weather Camping Tarp

      Enjoy camping in the winter with Onewind Penumbra Hot Tent. This 4-season tarp is made with high-strength polyester ripstop fabric with heat retention functionality to keep you warm in cold weather.

      This floorless tent has double doors and waterproof fabric to keep the rain off you. You can add a tent footprint or camp in your hammocks for the ultimate camping experience.

      Flame-Retardant Material

      The Penumbra Tarp is treated with a fire retardancy solution which is embedded into the body of the fabric so the treatment can last the life of the tarp so you can stay warm on cold night with peace of mind. 

      Onewind Outdoors Prenumbra Hot Tent Tarp for Hammock Camping

      Fire-Resistant Stove Jack

      Don't wanna leave the campfire when you go to bed at night on a camping trip? The Penumbra Hot Tent may just be your solution. This tarp is built with mesh window that allow circulation and avoid condensation. This window can also be used as a stove jack opening which is made from fire-resistant fiberglass for in-tent cooking and heating. During daytime, the window can also be covered with clear TPU so you can enjoy the view outdoors.

      Onewind Outdoors Prenumbra Hot Tent Tarp for Hammock Camping

      Same Tarp, Different Set-ups

      The Penumbra Camping Tarp has a multi-configuration design that allows for versatility, weight savings, and greater protection than your standard tarp. It includes multiple attachment points so you can pitch your tarp according to your preference while the extra loops allow the tarp to be pitched open or closed for extra coverage.

      A-Frame for 2 Hammocks  or Bridge Hammock providing full coverage.

      Onewind Outdoors Prenumbra Hot Tent Tarp for Hammock Camping

      Lean-To-Tarp Shelter for prevailing wind direction or if you want to set up a lower shelter with plenty of open space

      Onewind Outdoors Prenumbra Hot Tent Tarp for Hammock Camping

      Maximum Space

      Spacious with plenty of head room, this tent provides tons of space with 18㎡ or 190sq. ft of floor area that's big enough for the whole family with an extra room.


      Weighing just 6.4 lbs, this hot tent is a must-have for every adventure. It packs small to 45 x 15cm/17.7"*Φ5.9" and comes complete with the whole suspension kit such as 12x Light reflective guyline, 8x guyline collection, 14x aluminum tent stakes, 2x small carabiners, 2x aluminum guyline tensioners, 1x suspension sack and a compression sack to store everything inside for easy transport and efficient storage.