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Ultralight Water Basin

Ultralight Water Basin

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Size: Φ32cm*15cm/Φ36cm*18cm
Weight: 2.3oz/2.8oz
Material: Silnylon

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Product Description

Onewind Premium Collapsible Bucket with Handle. Lightweight Foldable Water Container for Camping, Fishing, Gardening, Hiking, and Backpacking. Available in colors Black and OD Green.


Size Φ32cm*15cm
12L 18L
Weight 2.3oz 2.8oz
Pack Size Φ7cm*9cm
Material Silnylon Silnlyon
Base fabric 1.1oz
nylon ripstop
nylon ripstop

Large Capacity

Whether you’re camping as a family or you would just like to have a convenient hand wash stand station or fruits when preparing meals, this portable bucket is a great choice when camping outdoors. It features a 12L and 18L basin so you'll easily have a lot of space to wash your hands or rinse off small items.

Leakproof and Waterproof

Made from 1.1oz silnylon ripstop that is water-resistant and durable so it holds water well without any leaks even at low temperatures.

Lightweight and Practical

Weighing just 2.3oz and 2.8 oz, this camping basin is an excellent addition to any camping trip where its compact and collapsible design takes up very little space. Easier storage and mobility.

Easy to Use and Transport

This portable basin features a durable double carry handle that makes it easy to fill and carry and is also great for tipping out the contents with ease.

Multipurpose and Collapsible Bucket

With its space-saving design and rigid, puncture-resistant base, this collapsible bucket makes an excellent gear for dishwashing, laundry, fish bucket, and travel basin when you’re out in the great outdoors. Order yours today!