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      Bottom Entry Bugnet:

      1. The zipper is hard and sturdy so fabric won't get stuck in the zipper

      2. Replaceable - Customer can change bugnet easily if it is broken.

      3. Avoid mosquito bites through hammock bed fabric.


        Onewind Outdoors Bug Net is made with ultrasoft polyester fabric and provides excellent coverage against mosquitoes and no-see-ums.

        This bottom entry Hammock Mosquito Net sets up easily by simply pulling it over the hammock and ridgeline, and cinching the ends tightly at the ends of the hammock. enter through the bottom and draw the opening close with the shock cord and lock system. 

        360-Degree Protection – This net features 880 holes per square inch do you can rest easy in your hammock without those little buggers getting in the way. The netting itself is highly see-thru to allow for some serious star gazing

        Fast & Easy Set Up Without Zipper Closure – Easy to hang on the tree straps with hooks ends for a simple setup that anyone can do!