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      hammock for sale

      Multipurpose Stuff Sack

      From backpacking to kayak adventures, stuff sacks are always handy when space is at a premium. The Onewind Outdoors stuff sack keeps you organized and helps ensure that your camping gears are well organized. The stuff sack has 2 sets of Velcro on the side and you can easily hang it with your small carabiner or rope.

      Camping Stuff Sack and Hammock Ridgeline OrganizerWater-resistant

      Built from superior-quality 1.1 oz silnylon ripstop fabric. It is waterproof and water-resistant to keep your gears protected from the elements. 

      Camping Stuff Sack and Hammock Ridgeline Organizer
      Organize Camping Gears Prusik Knot, Hang on ridgeline Easily to move

      Easy and Quick Setup

      Keep your stuff within easy reach as you can set this sack on your hammock's ridgeline with a simple prusik knot. It comes with 2 prusik knots, which can be hung on the hammock ridgeline. And with the prusik knot, the stuff sack can be moved on ridgeline easily to the place where you want. 

      Lightweight and Packable

      Easy to slip inside your backpack when not in use as this camping gear folds small at 25cm*Φ12cm. Each sack measures 2.8L and weighs 16g so it's lightweight and packable for easy storage and organization.

      Camping Stuff Sack and Hammock Ridgeline OrganizerDrawstring Stuff Sack

      Designed with a drawstring closure with cord lock to keep your things safe and secure. It can easily store your clothes, gloves, hat, or small pieces of camping gear to keep you organized while you're on the go. 

      Camping Stuff Sack and Hammock Ridgeline Organizer