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      Onewind Backpacking Cover & Gear Hammock never fails every outdoor camper, as it is the recommended cover for a variety of outdoor adventures. Choose this as your rain cover for hiking, camping, bushcraft, cycling, and more. 

      When hammock camping, it offers a very convenient way to store the backpack and gear off the ground, in a secure and organized way. Keep your camping and outdoor gear within arms’ reach. Also, it is a great chair hammock for you to relax outside.

      This gear hammock keeps your backpack and stuff off the ground and within arm’s reach. Good accessories of Camping Storage, Easy Set up and lightweight to carry, perfect for storing shoes, clothes, foodstuff, make your camping effortless 

      From small pack cover to large one, the gear utilizes function of chair hammock, sit hammock for kids, adults, get belly gear sling, rain cover and chair hammock all in one!

      As a gear hammock or storage hammock
      The multi-functional design of the product makes way for it to be used both as a storage for your backpack, keeping your valuable gear, tools, and equipment, or as a platform on where to place loose gear off the ground. Keep every outdoor gear within your reach.
      Hang food far away, avoid wild animals
      If there is a beast risk outside, recommend you to hang your food in the gear hammock and far to your tree. Avoid the smell of the food that attracts wild beast.

      Used as Chair Hammock or Swing
      Onewind rain cover can be used for chair hammocks or hanging swings for kids.
      For the safety and trees-friendly. Recommended height when used as a swing is 18 inches.

      Two Aluminium guy line tensioners on each end. The tensioners will make setting the hammock without any difficulty. You can set it up in a minute! The design also lets you adjust this anytime in such a way they will not slip from the position

        Onewind ensures 100% satisfaction of customers with the 30-day product return policy should you be unhappy about the outcomes that our products give you. We value each of our customers and are committed to protecting your interests.

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