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Onewind Hammocks - How to Choose the Perfect Camping Hammock

You’ve been driving overnight and you pulled over to take a quick break. Just when the sun’s rising, in the clear roadside space outskirts overlooking the city you just passed by, you’ve set up your quilted hammock. After half an hour of well-rested eyes and eased lower back muscles, you’re again all pumped and ready for another long drive.

Not maybe in the same situation outlined above, but one way or another, you’ve surely experienced enjoying the portability and coziness of a hammock. If not, you might have been in certain circumstances where you wish you would have just bought that hammock you’ve seen online or in the local shop within your neighborhood. Whether you’re into camping, hiking, trekking, backpacking, or any other outdoor activity, a hammock would always be a wise and practical choice. In fact, this lightweight equipment could also come in handy should you want to hang out in your backyard or relax indoors. Note, however, that since hammocks could serve as portable shelters, be sure to get one that could best cater to your needs and preferences. Read on to learn how.

Reasons to Use Hammock

A hammock is lightweight compact equipment made of durable fabric that’s usually suspended between two stable and sturdy points - usually trees or poles or posts. This cozy and comfy appurtenance makes up for a great resting or sleeping tool. The warmth and coolness it offers can easily ease a worried mind and tired body. 

Hammocks aren’t actually a new thing. The use of these can be traced back over a thousand years ago, during Ancient Greek times. Most of the first users of hammocks were soldiers and tourists of tropical countries. These have eventually become popular, now being utilized by hundreds of millions of people across the globe, mainly because of the comfort, security, accessibility, and portability it offers.  

If you’re still wondering why you might need this piece of fabric, here are some valid reasons and key points.

  • Portable Shelter for your Outdoor Experience

  • A hammock could be the ultimate shelter you’d need especially during your outdoor activities - it’s especially ideal for backpackers and hikers. Since hammocks are ultra-light and take up minimal space, it’s a great on-the-go gear without the unnecessary hassles.

  • Quick and Easy Set-up

  • Unlike tents or tarps, hammocks are easy to set up. With their hook-and-pull system, you can set up yours in less than two minutes. Plus, spotting great locations to hang hammocks is easier than looking for a nice flat spot to pitch a tent.

  • Comfortable Place for Sightseeing

  • The calming and relaxing sways of a hammock can easily take away a day’s worth of stress. And if you opt to use it outdoors, it gives a comfortable place for you to enjoy the view - from the gorgeously clear skies to the breathtakingly awesome landscapes.

  • Protection from Annoying Bugs and Harsh Weather

  • Aside from mosquitoes and other flying insects, you have to watch out for crawling critters should you decide to stay outdoors for the night. Since hammocks are hung and usually come with bug nets, these could easily solve your pest-related issues. Plus, the fabric and materials used for hammocks don’t foster bed bugs or dust mites.

  • Deeper Sleep and More Satisfying Rest

  • Several studies have shown that the natural rocking motion of hammocks can significantly help users achieve a deeper sleep and more satisfying rest. Also, the gentle sways appear to have positive impacts on brain waves that could greatly help with insomnia, stress, and even body pains.



    Key Factors to Consider

    Hammocks are designed with accessibility and convenience in mind that packing, carrying, and setting them up can be no sweat even to first-time users. Hammocks are super easy to use in a way that choosing which one to get is actually more challenging and time-consuming. 

    Like any other outdoor equipment - or any product for that matter - you must be thorough and keen in choosing the hammock that best suits your needs and preferences. This is especially because you’ll basically be entrusting your body into this piece of swinging fabric hung in between two points. 

    To somehow help you have a great start, here are some key factors you might want to consider when choosing hammocks.

  • Hammock Type

  • Taking into consideration where you’ll mainly use your hammock, be sure to get the one that’s specifically designed to serve your purpose. If you’re a budget traveler who mostly visits tropical places, a rope hammock could be the best type for you. If you’re big on designs but don’t want to compromise durability, you won’t go wrong with a Brazilian hammock. The good thing is, there are several types you can choose from, depending on your wants and needs - quilted, Mayan, camping, chair, and various others.

  • Hammock Quality

  • The materials and craftsmanship are equally important when selecting a hammock. Of course, you have to get one that’s durable enough to withstand excessive use, harsh weather conditions, pest bites/scratches, and other external elements/factors. Be keen on the stitches, ridgelines, buckles, connecting spots, zippers, and other parts, especially the tiniest details. 

  • Hammock Inclusions

  • Aside from the functionality, of course, it would be wise and practical to also look into the aesthetics of the hammock. Plus, be sure to check out the inclusions. Unless you prefer to shop separately, make sure that at least the essentials are included - straps, buckles, chains, stands, and the like. It would also be a better deal if there are other accessories included such as pillows, sleeping bags, bug nets, or top/under quilts.

  • Hammock Size

  • The size, weight, and overall portability of the hammock must also be taken into consideration especially if you’re big on space, convenience, and comfort. If you plan to solely use the hammock, then a single hammock size 39-50”x76-79” would suit you. Other sizes you can choose from are double (52-60’’x74-79”), matrimonial or queen (60-69”x up to 79”), and family or king (69-79”x up to 79”).

  • Hammock Price

  • If budget is a concern, then, of course, you should also look into the price tag of the hammock, depending on your budget or spending capacity. Then even if not, you must always get the hammock that could provide the best value for your money.



    Onewind Hammocks to Choose From

    Onewind is one of the most trusted and reliable names when it comes to outdoor equipment. For several years now, they’ve been providing high-quality gear for camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, and other outdoor activities to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. 

    One of their exquisitely designed products is a hammock. And yes, not just a single kind but a generous variety of hammocks. Regardless of your goal and preferences, Onewind got you covered.

  • Regular Hammock

  • If you’re looking for a mere basic hammock, you’ll never go wrong with the 11' Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net. And since it’s Onewind, even their regular hammock is one of a kind. For $64.90 only, you can get this 2.6-pound XL-wide panel hammock that comes with a 360 bug net protection. It’s made of durable ripstop nylon which is light enough for backpacking, spacious enough for 2 adults, and sturdy enough for daily or excessive use.

  • Ultralight Hammock

  • If you’re looking for an ultralight hammock, the 11' Ultralight Camping Hammock would be a great choice. The total weight of the hammock and all basic accessories is 365 grams only. Though lightweight, this compact hammock can support up to 210 pounds. This is because it’s made of ripstop nylon which makes it more durable than traditional parachute hammocks. You can get this ultralight portable hammock plus a double-sided stuff sack, single-layer strap, UHMWPE ridgeline, and ridgeline organizer for only $44.90.

  • Single-Layer Hammock 

  • The 11' Single Camping Hammock is Onewind’s version of a single-layer hammock. Though created for one person only, it’s spacious and roomy enough for you and all your stuff. This costs $54.90 only which is not bad as it comes with a detachable bottom entry bugnet, adjustable ridgeline with an organizer, and 10-feet tree straps. Plus, it’s super easy to set up - all you have to do is to connect one side of the ridgeline, release the light suspension, spread the hammock from the stuff sack, the hook, and lock the other side.

  • Double-Layer Hammock

  • If you’re looking for a double-layer that’s still ultralight and portable, the 11' Double Layers Ultralight Hammock is a great choice. For only $59.90, this roomy and sturdy hammock with double-ended stuff sack, cinch buckles, adjustable ridgeline, ridgeline organizer, and tree strap are all yours. With this product, Onewind features a unique hammock construction that comes with an extra-strong double-layered nylon bed with a pocket that can hold an inflatable pad or foam should you need more insulation. 

  • Wide Hammock

  • If you’re looking for an extremely spacious hammock, the 11' Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net could be the perfect choice for you. This extra-large camping hammock is available for $64.90 only. What makes this stand out from other wide hammocks is that it showcases a single panel design, eliminating possible splices in traditional three-panel hammocks of the same size. Also, this features a stitch-free flat diagonal lay surface.

  • Single Hammock

  • Onewind’s 11' Single Camping Hammock 2.2OZ is one of the best single hammocks available in the market. It’s designed with portability, accessibility, and durability in mind. This all-in-one hammock is available for $59.90 only and it’s inclusive of two cinch buckles, adjustable ridgeline, lantern hanger, overhead organizer, two 12-foot straps, and bug net. This doesn’t just fit one person; it’s spacious and sturdy enough to support up to  400 lbs weight load.

  • Zipper Hammock 

  • If you’re into outdoor equipment with reliably durable zippers, you won’t regret going for Onewind’s 12' Zipper Camping Hammock. This high-quality high-strength hammock made of breathable abrasion-resistant fabric can be availed of for only $74.90. It has a hexagon ripstop pattern for better durability. One of the best features of this hammock is its super strong and extra long knot-free straps that are tree-friendly. You can rest assured that the zippers and all other parts are exquisitely constructed.

  • 11’ Zipper Hammock 
  • Onewind also has  11’ Zipper hammock. Which is made with 1.7oz nylon ripstop


  • Bottom Entry Bugnet Hammock

  • If you’re looking for a hammock that comes with a bugnet, then for $64.90 only, you can have this spacious and durable 11' Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net from Onewind. This features an adjustable ridgeline, detachable bottom entry bugnet, ridgeline organizer, and various others. The hammock itself is made of ripstop nylon while the bugnet is polyester. The zipper is exquisitely designed and strategically placed so that you won’t have to worry about fabric getting stuck. Plus, the bugnet is replaceable.

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