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Exploring the great outdoors is a great way to de-stress and unwind as well as to learn about and be one with nature. Whatever your reason may be for spending time outdoors by hiking and/or camping, it’s crucial to venture into the outdoors well prepared. It is, therefore, crucial to have the right hiking and camping gear, especially if you’re planning to go on a rather long hike and/or stay outdoors for a few days.


Before you go out on your outdoor adventure, it wouldn’t hurt to do some research. Look up the weather forecast for the day of your outdoor adventure. You could also learn more about the place you’re visiting such as landmarks, wildlife, and the like. If you’re fairly new at hiking and/or camping or if you wish to get better gear, you can do some research on that too. To help you with this last part, read on to learn more about hammocks and tarps.


Why Get a Hammock?


When people think of camping sleeping gear, they would usually think of tents and sleeping bags. There are certainly instances where tents would work best when spending time outdoors. In a lot of cases though, a hammock would be a great choice for various reasons. We’re not talking about your ordinary backyard hammock though; rather, we’re referring to those that are specially made for the great outdoors.



Here are some benefits of getting a hammock.


  • Versatility

    Hammocks can be used even in places where there are not enough flat surfaces. You can just tie it between trees or rocks. You can set it up over a stream, beside a waterfall, or on a hill. Moreover, you can even set it up in your backyard instead of putting it in the back of your closet or in the basement until your next camping trip.


    Also, you can use hammocks as a chair or lounger while still enjoying the openness of nature. You can switch positions while enjoying a good book, listening to music, or looking at the beauty of nature.


  • Comfort
  • There is a learning curve or time of adjustment when it comes to hammock sleeping. When you get past that, however, you’ll find that hammocks could certainly let you have the most comfortable outdoor sleeping experience you’ll ever have. You can also say goodbye to sleeping on rocky, muddy, sloping, and/or uneven ground. Unlike tents, where you have to crawl around before you can go out and stand to stretch your legs, with hammocks, you can simply get off and stand beside it.


  • Safety and Ventilation
  • Hammocks are also safer to sleep in in the wilderness. Unlike when using tents, you wouldn’t have to worry about bugs, insects, snakes, and rodents surprising you when you crawl inside to rest. Hammocks are also the perfect choice for camping especially in the hot summer or when the weather is far too humid. Hammocks are better ventilated, making it more comfortable and relaxing.


  • Easy Set-Up
  • Hammocks, in general, are very easy to set up. You can have it up and ready for sleeping in just a few minutes. 


  • Space Saving
  • Camping hammocks take up less space than tents even if you get all the accessories that come with them. Also, it’s much more lightweight than a tent making it more ideal for outdoor adventures that involve a lot of hiking.


    Why Get a Tarp?


    Camping tarp is another great and practical addition to your camping gear. This versatile gear can be used along with others such as a tent or can be used on its own. 



    Here are some of the benefits of having a camping tarp.


    Protection from the elements. Camping tarps are great for weather protection: shade from the sun, shelter from winds, cover from the rain.


    Spacious. If you’re not a fan of small, closed spaces, a tarp is a great alternative. It’s spacious and easy to access. It also offers great ventilation freeing you from damp or humid air as well as condensation problems.


    Compact. Camping tarps can come in various cuts and thicknesses but are still undeniably more lightweight than tents. Tarps are also small and compact when packed but can cover and protect a wide area when spread out.


    Back-up/Complementary  Gear. Aside from being the main shelter, a tarp can also serve as backup gear or complementary gear to tents or even hammocks. For instance, you can opt for a smaller tent that would mainly be for sleeping and use the tarp for all other activities.


    Versatile. At a much cheaper price, a tarp is incredibly versatile. It can serve as a sleeping shelter in lieu of a tent, a hammock tarp, living or cooking area cover, sunshade or windbreaker, tent padding or flooring, and so much more.




      Onewind: Your Outdoors Gear Partner


      Your gears are essential not only for convenience but also for safety. It is, therefore, crucial to get something that does not just look great but is appropriately sturdy for outdoor use. Look for a brand that could provide you with the best gear without breaking the bank - just like Onewind. 


      Onewind is deeply committed to providing high-quality and affordable gear that could provide the comforts of sleeping at home while enjoying the outdoors. They specialize in camping products such as hammock sleep systems and tarps. 


      Through the years, Onewind has been able to develop camping products that are lightweight and durable. Every product undergoes rigorous testing in every phase of development and manufacturing. Every product is designed with the convenience, safety, and enjoyment of people who like an adventure in mind. Their hammocks and tarps are among such lightweight, sturdy, and affordable camping products.


      Onewind Hammocks

      Onewind hammocks are the perfect choice for hammock camping enthusiasts and beginners alike. Unlike the more common hammocks that use sole parachute material, Onewind hammocks are made with the more durable ripstop nylon fabric. Durable and lightweight nylon is woven using a special reinforcing technique which makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. Ripstop nylon is a truly ideal material, especially for outdoor gears.


      Onewind has a range of hammocks that you can choose from.


      Single Hammock

      The Onewind Single Hammock, made of nylon ripstop parachute fabric, comes with tree straps and a ridgeline. This compact and lightweight hammock is perfect for portable travel and camping as well as backyard hanging for relaxation.



      Double Hammock

      The Onewind Double Hammock is perfect for bushcraft camping and through-hiking. It is made of nylon hexagon ripstop parachute fabric that can hold up to two persons. This durable, single-panel wide hammock bed comes with a mosquito net.



      Double Layer hammock

      The Onewind Double Layer Hammock, as the name implies, has two layers of fabric that form a sort of pocket. You can insert foam or inflatable sleeping pads between the layers if you require more padding.



      Gear Hammock

      The Onewind Gear Hammock boasts a simple design suited for storing food, backpack, and other camping essentials that you wouldn’t otherwise wish to sit on the ground. It can also serve as your pet’s personal hammock if you happen to bring them on your hike.


      Onewind also offers camping hammock system accessories such as Wind Sock, Bugnet, Tree Straps, Whoopie Sling Ridgeline, Continuous Loops, Ridgeline Organizer.



      Onewind Tarps

      Onewind tarps and rainfly are made with ultralight silnylon fabric. Silnylon is a thin woven nylon fabric that is infused or filled with silicone from both sides. The silicone greatly increases the tear strength of the nylon while remaining lightweight and ideal for outdoor gears. Onewind tarps are perfect for hammock camping. It can also be used as a survival shelter or additional protection against the elements when you’re outdoors. Onewind tarp can be the perfect compact and lightweight alternative to a camping tent.



      Onewind also offers tarp set up accessories such as:


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