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The Hammock Ridgeline & How You Can Use It at Camp

The best campers are knowledgeable about every aspect of outdoor camping, including the tiniest details about hammocks. One of the most interesting discussions to talk about is the hammock ridgeline. What is the hammock ridgeline? And, do you need to use one at camp?

The hammock ridgeline: Overviewonewind adjustable ridgeline

Ridgeline pertains to the cord that runs over the hammock, connecting the sides of suspensions together and holding everything so hammocks won’t have to. When a person sits down, this ridgeline must be over their head, and there are camping hammocks that utilize clips or carabiners to connect the loops over to your suspension traps. Thus, the camper must be able to attach this ridgeline within similar loops. 

When seeking for a hammock installation that utilizes this ridgeline, this must look like they’re hanging free of the tension. With the setup without the ridgeline, you can see tensions pulling on both sides of your hammock.

Do you need to use a ridgeline?

First, let us find out the types and the functions of the ridgeline hammock. What are the ridgeline materials involved? In the following paragraph, you will also answer the question: what are ridgeline hammock better use for?  

The uses of ridgelines are simple, but could be challenging to elaborate. Trying the rope between two trees without tension causes for the rope to fall toward the ground. This is true for the hammock, as you need the tension in between the trees to hold this up, or else it will fall. If you do not use the ridgeline, the hammock can take the tension in order to simply hang in there, and if it did not, then your loops over the suspension will be hanging off that tree.

Using the ridgeline enables your cord and hammock to get connected to similar points on the suspension. However, remember that the cord is shorter. This only means that the cord may perform the work, as the hammock gets sagged freely. The area where the loops and suspension must be held there through the ridgeline, and never the hammock itself.

In your hammock installation without the ridgeline, the amount of sag must be based on the following:

  • Distance between trees
  • Straps length
  • The level of balance

There are times the hammock only necessitates that it should be flat to stay away from the ground. With your ridgeline, the sag must stem from the length of the ridgeline, while the distance between your trees is different from the setup, but the ridgeline’s length must be similar. If you use the similar ridgeline, you always have the same range of sag. 

So do you use or do you need the hammock ridgeline? No, for you to utilize the hammock, a ridgeline is not required. It is best to go camping in hammocks for several years, and avoid using one. You can even get best and familiar at setting up the hammock without this, and you might get the similar sag at almost 100 percent at the time, and it is great. 

Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use the hammock ridgeline. Find the benefits that are worth your few minutes of trouble, and believe that through saving your hammock from the suspension tensions, you can benefit with what your hammock can give.

Fixed ridgeline vs. adjustable ridgeline

onewind adjustable ridgeline

  OneWind Hammock Adjustable Ridgeline

The fixed ridgeline refers to the type of hammock ridgelines available in lengths from the range of 100 to 110 inches to match the typical hammock length of up to 11 feet. The length of your fixed ridgelines also adhere to the setup that this must be about 83 percent of the hammock length. The hammock of 11 feet must have a fixed ridgeline of about 108 inches.



The hammock ridgeline calculator

On the other hand, what is the hammock ridgeline calculator all about? The calculator allows you to estimate the height needed to install anchor points for hanging your hammock either outdoors or indoors. It also estimates the gravitational forces and horizontal forces with the hammock system. The mobile app is highly customizable.

Wrapping up 

What are the things to remember when it comes to the hammock ridgeline? The hammock ridgeline is for gathered-in hammocks, such as those made out of material from parachutes often used for camping. The hammock ridgeline also pertains to a cord tied between both ends of the hammock, and necessary should you want the perfect hammock sag. 

Camping should, more than ever, be safe for everybody. No matter how many years you are in camping and outdoor adventures, it is necessary to keep all angles secured for every camper’s best interests. 


A ridgeline hammock is perfect for the sag and much softer than normal hammocks, once you figure out your length and there is no need to adjust. 
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