The Best Camping Blanket for the Cold Weather

The Best Camping Blanket for the Cold Weather

You know that feeling when the leaves start to turn color, the nights get a little bit cooler, and you realize it's time to pack your bags and head out of the house? The perfect excuse to pack up your bags and hit the outdoors! The best way to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip is to have the right outdoor blanket.

What is a Onewind Outdoors Camping Blanket?

A camping blanket is a type of sleeping bag that you can use outside. Onewind Outdoors camping blanket doubles as a poncho. It includes snaps on the side that easily turns your blanket into a poncho, giving your hands-free warmth. The 20D 400T nylon fabric and reinforced seams add durability to this featherweight blanket and do an excellent job repelling spills, rain, hair, and dirt. It weighs only 1.9 lbs and packs down tight into its water-resistant stuff sack, which makes it really easy to carry around. Onewind camping blanket is filled with DuPont™'s bio-based fiber Sustans® that can keep you warm when it's cold outside.

Should I Get One?

There are many different types of outdoor blankets to choose from. The best way to decide which one to get is to measure how often you plan on using it and what type of temperature you want. You should also consider if it's easy to clean. Well, the good news is Onewind Outdoors camping blankets are machine washable, so you can take them to the washing machine when you're done using them.

What to Look for in the Camping Blanket

The first thing you'll want to look for in a camping blanket is warmth. In order to stay warm, you need a comfortable blanket that you can layer with clothing or an extra set of clothes. You don't really want to go with the heaviest blanket possible - depending on how cold you want to sleep, that's completely up to you.

Warmth - The one thing that everyone wants out of an outdoor blanket is warmth. If possible, look for a blanket that is light as possible.

Weight - The heavier the blanket, the less chance you have of getting cold. However, this also means that when it's cold outside, the weight of the blanket is going to pull on your skin, constricting your movement. Look for a blanket that is either lightweight or has a low-weight rating.

Coverage - One of the things to keep in mind when you're deciding on the size of the blanket is coverage. A small, lightweight blanket will do the trick for most situations, but a large blanket is needed to stay warm and cozy.

Care and Maintenance - After all this, you might be wondering how to clean your outdoor blanket. The easiest thing to do is wash it.


The best way to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip is to have the right outdoor blankets. A camping blanket is a blanket that you can use outside. It's usually lightweight, easy to pack, and very comfortable to sleep under.

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