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Onewind Underquilt Set Up

If you've ever slept overnight in a hammock, you know cold butt syndrome is a real issue! Now (CBS) is a thing of the past! Know how to set up one of our synthetic under quilts with a hammock so there are no cold spots! Learn how to set up, adjust, and get the best experience out of your under quilt!

Before setting up, have a better known our underquilt, Onewind hammock underquilt is made with 1.1oz. 20D 400T ultralight nylon fabric and filled with DuPont™ Sorona Bio-Based Fiber Sustans®Insulation, Durable, lightweight, and waterproof. Integrated shock cord lines allow for vent adjustment and maintaining the gather at the ends of the underquilt.

Hammock Underquilt Setup

After setting up the hammock, take the two carabiners out of the quilt sack, and attach each carabiner to the loops both corners of the under quilt, then hang them on both ends of your hammock. Make sure the quilt is beneath your hammock.

How to hang Hammock Underquilt

Adjust the three guyline on each end as picture shown to adjust the under quilt well for optimal warmth and comfort, and to provide more insulation, just loosen the spring buckles when another adjustment is needed.

Hang hammock underquilt in Winter

Add blankets 2-in-1 in winter for four season under quilts, snap closures on both sides, and you are almost ready to set the under quilts! 

Hang Hammock Underquilt

Finally, fit your hammock with under quilt. The four core line adjusters are used to balance hammock with the under quilt, and let you take a better rest.


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