How to Protect Yourself From Cold When Hammocking

How to Protect Yourself From Cold When Hammocking

How to protect yourself from a cold when hammocking is a question we get asked by folks who are looking to set up a winter camp, and the answer is it really doesn't matter how you set up your camp. All that matters is that you do it properly so that you can be as comfortable as possible. The best way to make sure that you are protected from the cold when hammocking is by using an underquilt. Below we'll discuss hammock underquilt and its features and benefits.

What is Hammock Underquilt?

An underquilt is a comfortable, breathable outer layer that goes under a hammock. It is designed to keep you warm by insulating you from the cold ground. If you're really trying to be extra safe, you can wear gloves when you're out in the underquilt to prevent your fingers from getting too cold. But for most folks, an underquilt is just a great idea. You can use the underquilt when you're outside if the temperature drops, keeping you warm while the ground is at or just above freezing.

Onewind Hammock Underquilt Features

Onewind Outdoors hammock underquilt is made with 1.1oz 20D 400T ultralight nylon fabric and filled with DuPont™ Sorona Bio-Based Fiber Sustans® Insulation. Sustans® is a natural permanent 3D spiral fiber for heat preservation and has excellent loft and recovery from compacting. Both sides of the underquilt (shell and lining) are made of 20D denier ultra-lightweight nylon taffeta fabric. It weighs 1.12oz/y2 (38g/m2).

Keep Warm

The best way to keep yourself warm while you wait for the sun to get ready to pop up and warm you up is to use an underquilt. Because it's designed to double as an underquilt, you can wear it while you sleep, keeping you warm at night even when it's cold outside.

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