7 Expert Tips for Comfortable Hammock Camping That You Won't Know Unless You've Used Once

7 Expert Tips for Comfortable Hammock Camping That You Won't Know Unless You've Used Once

Many campouts are now using recreational hammocks as must-haves, and they are incredibly lightweight and easy to set up. Hammocks are very popular because they are enjoyable, incredibly lightweight, and easy to set up, especially those who are new to them. Wether you are a veteran "hanger" or a novice hanger, here are seven tips to make the most of your hammock.

1. Hang your hammock with a secure swing

It's impossible to strung up a hammock as tightly as possible between anchor points. Instead, suspend your hammock with a smiley face. A good starting angle is 30 degrees from horizontal. A deep sag also makes the hammock more stable and difficult to collapse.

2. Lay diagonally across the hammock

You can lay diagonally across the fabric once you have a good sag. Your head and feet will drop down and your body will recline ergonomically flat across the fabric as it reclines evenly. This is how hammocks were designed to work. 

3. Merely raise your foot higher will not work: you have to do it end to end

It is possible for your body to slide to the middle of your hammock, especially if you hang the foot side of the hammock higher. To prevent sliding, hang the foot side of the hammock 8 to 10 inches higher. 

4. Try a knee pillow

Your leg pain may depend on the size of your hammock (and your stature), and how tall you are. The tight ridge under your legs may be what causes hyper-extension on your knees. Cover your knees with some padding if you have extra clothes or a small pillow. (Remember: Longer, not wider, hammocks are usually more comfortable, allowing you to lie diagonally without hyper-extension.)

5. Use a bug net

Hammocks with bugs are not uncommon in the jungle. Having to deal with pesky bugs while reading, relaxing, or reading is not enjoyable at all. A bug netting can completely cover you hammock, offering a spacious area to read, lounge, and relax. 

6. Use a drip line

It is possible for water to seep down your suspension, getting your hammock wet on really wet days. To prevent this, tie a drip line under your tarp.

7. Sit on your hammock and fold it into a chair

Sitting in a hammock may feel like a deep bucket seat. However, if you wish to sit up upright in a chair that does not cut your circulation off your knees and lets you sit upright without leaning forward, fold the fabric edge down to the center of the hammock. Sit on the double-layered suspended area to obtain a flat seat.

Have you found any other strategies for making the experience of sleeping in a hammock more pleasant? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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