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      Tarp Bugnet
      1, Protect yourself from pesky bugs and harsh sunlight. So that you can enjoy the sun and fresh air outside Hammock Screen House "

      Used in hammock camping.
      1, Sometimes mosquitoes will get into your hammock bugnet follow you. Screen house will reduce this risk.
      2, You can't use a hammock bugnet when you sit in the hammock or sit on the side of the hammock. Now screen house will protect you. (When you sit on the side of the hammock, you always collect the hammock bugnet on the hammock end)
      3, If you have dogs camping with you, you are protected by your hammock bugnet. But your dog will accompany mosquitos under your hammock. "

      Camping Screen House
      "1, For not hammock campers, you can use it as a camping screen house. All you need is to find two trees or two poles. Please check the normal screen house introduction and put keywords in"

      Kinds of Screen House
      Tarp and Bugnet separated Screen house (Onewind)
      Normal camping screen house with poles

      ULTIMATE PROTECTION. Enjoy outdoor activities without having to worry about insects or mosquitos with Onewind Outdoors Tarp Bugnet Screen House. It's designed to hang under Onewind 11', 12' and hexagon tarp to provide superior protection as it helps keep even the smallest bug out.

      EXTRA FINE MESH. Made from 100% polyester mesh with a 1mm hole size while the bottom part is made from durable nylon ripstop with PU coating offering a perfect balance between breathability, portability, and durability so you'll still get plenty of airflow inside.

      EASY TO SET UP. This bugnet screen house features a 6-point hanging system that does not require any special skills in setting up. It includes 6 tent stakes for securing the net to the ground and 2 carabiners to attach each point to the tarp. It also has two-way vertically-zippered entry and exit at both ends of the bugnet for easier access.


      Snaps on Both end. Connected to Tarp in the corners 6 pcs Tent Stakes

      360 DEGREE COVERAGE. Love the outdoors but hate the bites? This mosquito net features full-length no-see-um mesh walls to keep insects out. It comes with a matching stuff sack to keep it clean and handy when not in use.

      VERSATILE. Whether you're camping outdoors or having fun in your backyard, this bugnet system is a perfect backpacking accessory to keep you protected. It fits easily over a picnic table and will work well during camping. It's lighter and easier to set up than a screen house so get yours today!




      2,Replacable (Normal screen house can't be use if bugnet broken somewhere. Onewind screen house, you can change another bugnet and keep you origianal tarp)

      3,Compact, Package in small size, It won't take to much room of your car

      4, allow you to have a 360 degree view of the area

      5, multi-functional

      6, Height Adjustable



      The Onewind screen house can be used with a tarp with these dimensions:

      Please check the size picture 

      Side View: This shows the screen house height. and you can adjust height too.

      Floor Area:  Dimensions covered by Onewind Tarp, which is an area of 7-8 square meters (aroud 80 square feet)


      Topview:  This is our screen house bugnet size. If you have other brand hexagon tarp which is smaller than this size, the bugnet can works too. But if your hexagon tarp is bigger than this size, you can't use it