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Camping Pillow: VersaComfort Dual-Fill

Camping Pillow: VersaComfort Dual-Fill

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Shell:100% Polyester stretchy knit fabric with a peach skin surface
Filling:100% Polyester Imitation Down with Warm and Comfortable Feel
Inner Air Bag:100%Durable TPU

Size: 34 x 22 x 10 cm/13.4"*8.7"*4"
Weight: 120g /4.2oz

Package Size:

● 1 × Ultralight Pillow
● 1 × Drawstring Carry Bag
● 2* Line locks wich Shock Cord

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Product Description

Introducing the revolutionary Onewind Outdoors Dual-Fill Camping Pillow, designed to elevate your outdoor sleeping experience to new heights.


Our camping pillow boasts unparalleled versatility with its innovative dual-fill design. Featuring a TPU bladder for quick and effortless air inflation and a plush synthetic fill for luxurious softness, our pillow combines the lightweight portability of an inflatable camping pillow with the comforting feel of a traditional synthetic fill pillow. Wrapped in a stretchy knit fabric with a peach skin surface, this camp pillow offers the best of both worlds: lightweight portability and irresistibly soft comfort.


Designed with practicality in mind, our pillow features two line locks and a shock cord, allowing campers to secure the pillow to their sleeping pad in a tent or hang it in a hammock with ease. The adjustable shock cord length ensures a perfect fit, while the dual line locks on each side of the pillow offer effortless adjustment for optimal positioning and stability throughout the night. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding – our innovative fixation system keeps your pillow exactly where you want it, so you can enjoy uninterrupted rest wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

Camping Pillows


No matter your preferred sleeping position, our tent pillow ensures a restful night's sleep in the outdoors. The dual-layer construction offers a soft synthetic fill for gentle support, while the stretchy knit outer fabric with a peach skin surface enhances breathability and overall comfort.


Engineered with your comfort in mind, the pillow features a contoured underside that cradles your head, neck, and shoulders, providing optimal support throughout the night for backpacking and hiking. Say goodbye to restless tossing and turning with our ergonomically designed pillow.


Measuring a mere 34 x 22 x 10 cm and weighing only 120g with the stuff sack, this camping pillow is exceptionally lightweight and compact. It compresses down into its waterproof stuff sack for easy transportation on any outdoor excursion.


Equipped with a convenient one-click valve, inflating your pillow to maximum firmness is quick and hassle-free, requiring just 3-5 breaths. Adjust the firmness to your liking with a simple hold on the inflation button, ensuring customizable comfort wherever your camping, backpacking, hiking, or hammock adventures take you.

Experience the ultimate in comfort, versatility, and convenience with the Onewind Outdoors Dual-Fill Camping Pillow – your perfect companion for outdoor escapades.