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        We offer three different sizes of adjustable structural ridgelines. You can choose to adjust in the range of 106-126 inch, 102-122 inch or 94-118 inch. The adjustable structural ridgelines we offer are suitable for 10',11' and 12' hammock.
        The adjustable structural ridgelines we offer only need to adjust once which means you don't have to adjust it again later when you use it.
      • UHMWPE 

        The 3mm UHMWPE rope has a breaking strength of 1500LBS, 8 times the strength of steel the same size

        You can easily adjust the sag of the hammock to make yourself comfortable.
      • PACKAGE
        We pack the adjustable structural ridgeline in plastic package with 1 piece in each.
        Onewind is confident that the Hammock Adjustable Structural Ridgeline will be your preferred outdoor product. This is why we back it up with a 100% guarantee. If you have ever felt unsatisfied, simply reach out to us to return or exchange your goods within 30 days of receipt of shipment, and find a different variant that will work great for you.

      At camp, a ridgeline is what you need to keep yourself safe since it keeps everything in perfect balance. It refers to the cord tied between two opposite ends of the hammock, and necessary if you will be resting on the hammock for longer hours, or more needed when you will sleep on the hammock overnight.

    • Easy To Use
    • To get started using your hammock, do the following steps:

      1. Prepare the ridgeline with the adjustable UHMWPE whoopie sling ridgeline.
      1. Adjust the length of your ridgeline to control the sag of the outdoor hammock.
      1. Maintain the breaking strength at around 1,500 lbs. 

      adjustable structural ridgeline