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Billow Ultralight Hammock Tarp Shelter 12'

Billow Ultralight Hammock Tarp Shelter 12'

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Size & Weight
Rain Fly Shape: Rectangular
Rain Fly Size: 12' x 9.7' (3.66m*2.95m)
Packed Size: Φ3.5"*11" (Φ9cm*28cm)
Diagonal Setup Length: 15.4' (4.7m)
Total Weight: 1.86lbs (845g, including Suspensions)
Tarp Fabric Weight: 1.28lbs(580g)
Suspension Weight: 0.53lbs (240g)

Tarp Fabric Material: 1.1oz 20D Ripstop Nylon
Tarp Fabric Coating:
Silicone coating on the Face side
PU 4000mm coating on Back Side

Accessories List
Light-Reflective Guylines - 10' *6pcs
Aluminium Tent Stakes - 4pcs
Guyline Collentioner Systems - 4pcs
Aluminum Guyline Tensioner - 4pcs
Aluminium Carabiner - 4pcs
Suspension Stuff Sack - 1pc
Double-End Tarp Sack - 1pc

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Product Description

Embarking on outdoor adventures demands reliable gear, and the Billow Ultralight Hammock Tarp Shelter 12' is designed to meet this need. Combining lightweight portability with robust functionality, this shelter is your four-season ally in the wilderness.

Rugged Yet Lightweight Design

Made from 1.1oz Silnylon Ripstop, the tarp is not only abrasion-resistant but also remarkably light at just 1 lb. 12oz. Its silicone/PU 4000mm waterproof coating ensures that you stay dry in various weather conditions, emulating the water-repelling properties of a lotus leaf.

Versatile for All Seasons

This tarp is a true all-rounder. In the summer, it acts as an effective sun shield. Come winter, you can convert its ends into doors for added warmth, keeping out cold winds and snow. Its size, 12' x 9’ 7”, provides extensive coverage, suitable as a hammock rain fly or a standalone shelter.

Easy Setup with Comprehensive Kit

The package includes everything needed for a hassle-free setup: aluminum tarp stakes, UHMWPE core suspension lines, guy line adjusters, and carabiners with door cordage, all neatly packed in a double-ended stuff sack. This compact kit easily fits into a backpack's side pocket, making it an ideal travel companion.

In summary, the Billow Ultralight Hammock Tarp Shelter 12' stands as a testament to functionality and convenience in outdoor gear. Whether you're facing the blazing sun or a snowstorm, this tarp offers the protection and versatility needed for a wide range of outdoor scenarios. Its ease of setup and comprehensive kit make it a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experiences.

Hammock Tarp Suspension

1, Tarp Poles

Increase room under your tarp
Extend the reach and adjust the height of your tarp shelter easily
Helps you build unique shelter set-ups

2, Tarp Sleeve

Simplify setup with effortless tarp handling.
Storage made simple, protection assured.
Durable defense for your outdoor adventures.

3, Tarp Ridgeline Mini Real

Unwind hassle-free with tangle-free deployment.
Knotless Tarp Setup
Set up and adjust with ease.
Lightweight & Durable
Premium UHMWPE Cord Material for lasting performance.