Hammock Camping 101

Tired of the heavy-duty outfitter's tents for your camping? Choose the easy-to-set-up, pack up& lightweight hammock. Whether it is on your trial or in stay-at-home backyards, hammocks are the best options for kicking back and relaxing at the end of the day most enjoyable. It’s then that you’ll see us reaching into our packs and digging out our hammocks.

hammock with tarp

How to Choose the Hammock for Camping Outside?

Apart from the ease to set up and packing, you'll need to consider the number of persons who lie in a hammock, the weight that hammocks hold up to, size of hammocks.

Keep in mind that the nylon hammock is popular as a lightweight parachute hammock combining ripstop and rated weight. 

Hammock fabric: Choose a strong ripstop nylon fabric and consider the tradeoffs with “denier” values. A higher denier number can handle rougher use but at a heavier product weight. A lower denier value offers a lighter weight product, but rough use will wear out the fabric quickly. Our technical ripstop Nylon was engineered specifically for hammock camping to withstand wear and tear while offering a lightweight, breathable hammock.

Hammock size: The right hammock size is a matter of individual preference. Hammocks come in multiple sizes and most people will have no problem finding a comfortable fit. 


Onewind Hammocks Features & Spots

10' Hammocks, price is normal

Single Hammocks with Bug Net-70D-115"*55" wide-holding up to weight rated 400 lbs, fits one person, perfect for youth, starters

✔  Double 10' XLHammocks with Bug Net-120"*68"/126"*68" wide-holding up to weight rated 500 lbs, fit 2 persons, perfect for campers, hikers, men&women


Hammocks include 10ft tree straps, 2-adjustable buckles, 1-ridgeline, 1-ridgeline organizer 1-double ended sack


Upgraded 11' Hammocks, price is a little higher 

Single Ultra Lightweight Hammock wide- 11'*4.6', fits one person-1.1oz nylon ripstop(20D)compact in bag weighs 1.11lbs, pack down size 3.5”*7.1",  holding up to weight rated weight 250lbs, super lightweight, perfect for backpackers, cycling trips

Single Hammock with Mosquito Net -11ft*4.6ft-1.7oz nylon ripstop(40D), compact in bag weigh 2.3lbs, pack down size 4.7”*11"  holding up to weight rated 400lbs, perfect for backyard, sailboat, hikers

11ft Double Hammock with Mosquito Nets -11ft*5.6ft-2.1oz nylon ripstop, compact in a bag weigh 2.3lbs, pack down size 5.5”*11”, holding up to weight rated 500lbs, perfect for couples, woods hikers, bushcraft

Notes: hammocks include 12 ft tree straps, 2-adjustable buckles, 1-ridgeline, 1-ridgeline organizer 1-double ended sack

 If you are interested in one, please choose one based on your budget


Hammock Camping Gear Basics Needed 

As most of our hammock kits include tree staps and even bug nets, which helps you to take the bug net into account. Our bug nets are mosquito-free with a bottom entry design, and super easy to hang on and off with both ends tightened into a knot.

While there will be another condition you have to consider when camping out, the weather- normally you will meet bad weather or cold weather, therefore a rain fly and warm underquilts are necessary additional kit.


How to Hang your Hammock?

camping hammock setup


Finding the right trees: Your ideal hammock camping trees are 12-15 feet apart(trees width should be considered), sturdy and alive. If there aren’t any trees in the area, find two weight-bearing points that can fully support your weight, for example, a car rack or camping shelter.

Putting up the straps: Once you’ve found two sturdy points, hang each strap about 5.9"-12" above the ground by pulling the straps through the buckles

Attaching your hammock: Put the straps through a continuous loop buckle and repeat on the other side. The lowest point on your hammock should hang no more than 12 inches off the ground, for a safe and easy-to-enter and exit hang. Adjust the ridgeline of your hammock according to your preferred sleep style. Finally, take off the bug net and get through in

Want to know more, please check our hammock setup guide in detail.


Keeping Your Hammock Organized

Hammocks Off the Ground Design - Our hammocks are engineered to keep all the things off the ground, so you don't worry to keep things dirty, grab the double-ended sack and walk from one end of the hammock to another. When you take the hammock down, it is necessary to keep the net first into a sack and unlash one end of the hammock from one strap, and finally keep two buckles out with the drawstring cord tighten on both sides of the carrying bag.

Extra Hammock Gear

The gear sling hammock will be stuffed, and food, dogs, and tools can be stored in good order, please remember to hang the gear hammock far away if foods are stored in case of an emergency.

Rain poncho-Good camping accessory that never stops you on your trial, compact with hanger and hooks with multi-functions, shelter, poncho you will always get both in one, have a happy long through the journey, onewind will make a home where you are!