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Camping Tarp Mosquito Net

Camping Tarp Mosquito Net

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Size & Weight
Package Size: Φ16cm*30cm/Φ6.3"*11.8"
Weight: 1150g/2.5lbs

Mesh Material: Polyester Bugnet Mesh
Bottom Material: Nylon Ripstop
Zipper: Two-Way Zipper
Door: 2 doors

Accessories List
Drawstring Stuff Sack
2* Carabiners
6* Tent Stakes

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Product Description

Ultimate Outdoor Comfort with Universal Compatibility: Elevate your camping and outdoor experience with our advanced camping tarp mosquito net. This newly designed rain fly mosquito net now features a mesh top for standalone use, providing versatile shelter options. Compatible with a wide range of tarps, not just limited to Onewind, it ensures that you have the freedom to choose the best tarp for your specific needs while enjoying unparalleled insect protection.

Camping Tarp Mosquito Net

All-Around Insect Defense: Our tarp bugnet is your shield against pesky insects, offering 360-degree protection. Crafted with fine, durable no-see-um polyester mesh, featuring 1600 holes per square inch, it guarantees to keep all bugs out. The lower part of the net is reinforced with sturdy nylon ripstop and a PU coating, adding an extra layer of durability against natural elements like branches.

Camping Tarp Bugnet

Effortless Setup for Starry Nights: With the addition of the top mesh, this screen house transforms into a standalone accessory, perfect for campers who want to gaze at the stars and sky at night, free from the worry of rain. Its user-friendly design ensures a quick and easy setup, letting you focus on relaxing and enjoying your outdoor experience.

Ulltralight Tarp Mosquito Net

Paired with Tarps for More Protection: Designed for convenience, this mosquito net can be paired with a tarp for full protection against rain or sun. The 6-point hanging system allows direct attachment to any tarp corner, eliminating the need for extra guylines. With shock cords at each point, it easily adapts to different tarp sizes, offering a versatile solution for year-round outdoor enjoyment.

Big Size Camping Mosquito Net

Lightweight, Compact, and Portable: Our camping bug net, weighing only 1150g (2.5 lbs), is perfect for the mobile traveler and outdoor enthusiast. With 6 aluminum tent stakes and a 6-point hanging system, it ensures secure and straightforward setup. The two-way zippers offer effortless access, facilitating seamless integration with hammock tree straps.

Camping Mosquito Net Large

Versatile Outdoor Solution: This mosquito net is not just for sleeping; it's an adaptable outdoor accessory. Easily covering a picnic table, it's ideal for family gatherings, picnics, or any outdoor event, providing a lighter and easier setup compared to traditional tent screen houses. Whether you're lounging beside a hammock, chatting with friends, or protecting your pets in the wild, our mosquito net tarp is your go-to for a secure and comfortable outdoor environment.