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Step Up Your Packing Game with Onewind Self-Healing Zipper Package Cube

Packing is a whole activity in itself. This is true whether you are going hiking, camping, or just traveling in general. If you don’t have a process in place, you can end up overpacking. The frustrating part is, even when you’ve actually overpacked, you still end up forgetting some essentials. This is why you’ll need all the help, tools, and tricks available to step up your packing game.

Travel Cubes for Your Packing Needs

Whether you’re going hiking or camping, going on a road trip, or traveling abroad, a packing cube will surely come in handy. Packing cubes (or travel cubes, pacing squares, packing pouches, package cubes) are small bags designed to compartmentalize or simply organize clothes and other stuff inside a bag. It’s versatile, convenient, and the perfect answer to your packing problems.

Packing cubes are great space savers. This is one of the many reasons why backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts, travel aficionados, and just basically anyone who loves to have everything organized are great fans of packing cubes. Durability is, of course, one of the main aspects you’d want in your packing cube. If it comes in different sizes, then better still.

In case you’re still unconvinced about getting a packing cube for your next adventure, here are some more reasons why you should seriously consider getting one as soon as you possibly can.


  • Pack Efficiently
  • It is definitely easier to pack if you know just how you can fit everything into your pack. Having your stuff in these packing cubes will allow you to better organize your pack and save space to boot. Moreover, this can help prevent overpacking since you have already organized by category and determined just how much you can conveniently carry.

  • Find Things Easily
  • Since everything is categorized or compartmentalized, it will be easier to find whatever it is you are looking for. You need socks, that are in the small package cube; you need a change of shirt, then get the medium packing cube, and so on. Think of your packing cubes as your drawers at home where one stuff goes in one and other stuff goes in another.

  • Keep Your Stuff Clean and Dry
  • Some packing cubes, like that of OneWind, are water-resistant. This goes a long way in keeping your clothes and other things clean and dry. Also, packing cubes are extra layers of protection against dirt and germs, especially when you're going on an outdoor adventure.

    Onewind Self-Healing Zipper Package Cube 

    OneWind is an outdoor enthusiast’s haven. We’ll help make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and comfortable - because who says you should simply endure discomfort if you wish to spend time outdoors? Here at Onewind, we constantly develop, design, and manufacture outdoor gears and other essentials so you can satiate your adventurous soul with significantly fewer hassles.

    Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or if you are thinking about going camping or hiking for the first time, OneWind can provide you with the outdoor gear you’ll need. We have the essential hiking gears, bushcraft gears such as hammocks (single and double hammocks; double layer hammocks and gear hammocks), tarps and rain flies, quilts (top and under quilts, blankets), and all sorts of accessories. If you’ve always had problems with packing your things whenever you go on your outdoor adventure, Onewind now has the perfect solution for you - camping packing cubes that will step up your packing game!

    The OneWind Self-Healing Zipper Package Cube is a zippered sack and outdoor packing cube made of lightweight and durable material. Available in three sizes, these package cubes are the packing organizers you need to save space as well as time. As experts say, when going outdoors, it’s best to pack light. In order to do that, we believe that you should pack smart. Compartmentalize your clothes and camping and personal accessories with these amazing self-healing package cubes. Use them when going on a short hike or camping for days; you can use them whenever you travel and even for organizing your closet.


  • Signature Onewind High-Quality Material

  • The OneWind package cubes are made of our signature high-quality materials. OneWind puts great value and priority on the sturdiness and durability of our product. Staying true to that, our packing cubes are made of ultra-durable nylon ripstop and a sturdy handle. The revolutionary weaving process used in the creation of the fabric used results in a strong as well as a lightweight packing cube. Moreover, these packing cubes are water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet in case you get caught in the rain.

    This durable packing cube comes with smooth zippers. You won’t have to pull hard or have a frustrating fight with the zipper every time you have to get something from your package cube. For extra durability, Onewind self-healing package cubes have reinforced seams. This means that you can squeeze in as much stuff as you can without worrying about it bursting at the seams. 


    Here’s more, the ripstop nylon fabric used is actually self-healing. Yes, you read that right. One wind package cubes make use of self-healing technology which makes for a more convenient and hassle-free adventure. Did your packing cube get a small puncture? Well, simply rub the fabric with your bare hands. The heat and friction from your fingertips will mend the puncture, making it as good as new - no tools needed!

  • Space-Saving At Its Finest 

  • You shouldn’t take your whole closet when going camping, that’s for sure. Still, there are instances where you need to bring more than the usual number of clothes, not to mention all the personal and camping accessories that you have to pack as well. Let’s say you’re going on a week-long camping trip. No, not glamping where everything is basically provided for you, but the good ol’ rugged camping where you have to squeeze in everything you need in your pack. Perhaps your whole family is going camping or even just on a trip and it’s up to you to pack everything. In such instances, OneWind outdoor packing cubes will surely come in handy - the packing solution that could very well save your sanity.

    Even if you're going on your regular hiking or camping adventure, you’d most probably want to be able to pack what you need into one bag. Save space with the help of OneWind zippered package cubes. These package cubes will efficiently compress your clothes to help save space and minimize your bag size. But wouldn't it just be some extra weight, you ask? Well, Onewind package cubes are ultra-lightweight so there will barely be any difference in your pack’s weight. These package cubes come in three sizes and each one weighs less than 1 oz, so that’s just a negligible less than 3 oz of additional weight. That’s nothing compared to the amount of space you’ll save and how organized your pack will be.

    Let us give you a clearer picture of just how great at space-saving these cubes are. The large bag can hold up to around 4 pairs of base clothes - that’s a shirt and undergarments. If you want, you can also fit a rain jacket, a zip hoodie, some long sleeves, and a cardigan into the large bag. The medium bag can hold around 4 women’s shirts or a number of your hiking shorts and/or pants. The small bag can be used to pack your underwear and socks or your personal accessories. You can even fit a tank top or two if you wish.

  • Convenient and Time-Saving Compartmentalization

  • OneWind self-healing zipper package cube is the embodiment of convenience. First off, it helps compress your clothes and other stuff to save space in your pack. This means you can conveniently fit everything into one bag. It’s also lightweight so it certainly won’t compromise convenience when it comes to the weight of your pack.

    This packing cube also comes in three sizes which will better help you in compartmentalizing your pack. You don’t have to guess where you put your shirt or your socks or whatever it is that you need at the moment. You can just conveniently lift it out, get what you need, then put it back. No hassle, no mess. Here’s another thing you’ll surely find convenient. The smooth-gliding zippers zip just past halfway of each pack. This makes it easier to pack your things as well as get what you need. 

  • Earth-Friendly Alternative

  • These package cubes are also the perfect earth-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. They are water-resistant, washable, and definitely can be used for a really long time. Use them to organize your things instead of those plastic bags, even those reusable ones which, let’s be honest, could only be reused a few times before they fall apart.

    Now, let’s say you get caught in rain while out camping and there’s no way you can dry your clothes. The OneWind packing cubes can also help you with that. Since these bags are water-resistant, they are also a great way to put your wet clothes in while keeping the rest of your stuff dry.

    Onewind Always Has Your Back



    When it comes to your outdoor adventure needs, Onewind always has your back. We want you to have the most fun and make the most wonderful memories from your every outdoor trip. This is one of the main reasons why we developed the self-healing package cubes. These packing cubes are convenient, versatile, and durable just like all the other Onewind gears that we offer.

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