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OneWind Topquilt Poncho - Your Personal Outdoor Warmer

It’s been an overwhelming week so you’ve decided to go on a solo minor hike over the weekend to unwind. The sky is clear, the sun is shining bright, and the weather is good. Since you’ve planned to stay the night, you’ve thrown in your tent and other essential camping accessories. Not until the night breeze kicks in when you realize your hoodie isn’t enough to keep you warm. And so as you were chilling you were regretting letting pass the on-sale OneWind Top Quilt you’ve seen online last week.

Never again underestimate the coldness of the night air and compromise your supposedly fun and memorable outdoor adventure. Be sure to tick off everything from your to-bring list, including tent, hammock, top quilt, underquilt, tarp, mat, sleeping bag, poncho, and any other gear that can make your outdoor experience cozier. Read on to learn more about what benefits a camping hammock top quilt can bring and why you can trust OneWind top quilt.

Top Quilt - What Is It and How Does It Work?

Quilts were originally created for hammock campers hence the classifications of outdoor hammock top quilt and underquilt. The idea is to provide campers the warmth they need for more comfortable and convenient camping - from underneath to backside to top. Eventually, top quilt hammocks have become popular even to ground campers or tent sleepers. After all, top quilt insulation is absolutely one of a kind. 

In a nutshell, a top quilt is a minimalist version of a sleeping bag - it’s like a sleeping bag minus the hood and the zippers. It’s designed with an open back and an enclosed footbox. And since some of those accessories have been dropped, a top quilt is lighter compared to a sleeping bag that has the same temperature rating. Plus, it’s more portable and more convenient to pack, store, carry, and set up.

Top quilts are built with similar materials used in tents, hammocks, or sleeping bags, so you can rest assured you’ll be having a dry and safe camping experience when you opt for this space saver outdoor gear. The outer fabric is meant to keep you safe from external elements such as rain, mists, wind, fog, insects, and more. The fiberfill is meant to radiate body heat and keep you warm. 

Like any other outdoor gear, topquilt has a few disadvantages added to its long list of advantages. So while this is unquestionably a practical accessory, be sure to weigh in your personal needs and preferences. 

  • Top Quilt Pros
      • Compact and Portable Gear
      • Lightweight and Sturdy Materials
      • Flexible Temperature Rating
      • Water-Resistant and Durable
      • Less Expensive

  • Top Quilt Cons
      • Hoodless and Backless
      • Potential Drafts

    5 Advantages of a Top Quilt

    Overall, you can never go wrong with a top quilt. Aside from protecting you from external factors and giving you a sense of security, an outdoor hammock top quilt is versatile enough that it can be used in almost all weather conditions. Plus, a camping hammock top quilt’s ultra-lightweight and space-saver design makes it a convenient and practical outdoor gear.

    To better appreciate what a camping topquilt has to offer, here are five of the most sought-after benefits of this all-in-one premium accessory.

  • Compact and Portable
  • Top quilts are long and wide enough to wrap up and warm up someone. This spacious but lightweight gear can be folded and packed in a small compression back, making it conveniently easy to store and carry. Quilts are designed with no hoods and zippers, as well as with an open back portion. These are also crafted with less fabric and no stiff material components such as metal rods and steel hooks. Hence, even if they offer similar temperature ratings, top quilts are more packable and portable than sleeping bags.

  • Freedom and Comfort
  • The lack of zippers and locks might be a disadvantage to some but it could actually allow more freedom to move around. Unlike bags that only let you sleep like mummies, top quilts grant you comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to sleep in whatever position you want. 

  • Warmth and Insulation
  • Top quilts offer one of the best insulation among all outdoor gears. After all, it's specifically built with high-quality fabric that’s capable of radiating the user’s body heat, providing calming and comforting warmth. Plus, due to its versatile design, you can slip your head and legs for better circulation during hot camping days, or you can drape and tuck it all over your body to prevent drafts during cold camping days.

  • Simple and Versatile
  • Top quilts feature a simple design yet showcase versatile functionalities. You can simply lay it flat on the ground to use it as a mat or a loose blanket. And thanks to its additional features such as straps, drawstrings, velcro strips, snaps, and loops, you can easily convert your top quilt into a hammock underquilt, poncho, coat, and so much more.

  • Affordable and Cost-Efficient
  • Above all, quilts are super affordable. Compared to sleeping bags that offer the same temperature ratings, top quilts are way cheaper. By getting rid of some parts like hoods, zippers, and other unnecessary pieces of fabric, the production costs of top quilts are obviously lesser, making the retail prices cheaper as well. For instance, OneWind’s $72.90 Topquilt Poncho could be an ideal alternative to a $160 sleeping bag of almost the same functionalities.

    OneWind - A Trusted Brand for Top Quilts



    OneWind is a trusted and reliable name when it comes to outdoor gears and accessories. They manufacture high-quality products made of first-class materials with top-tier craftsmanship. The OneWind top quilt is no exception to such exquisite products. Their outdoor hammock top quilt has a lot going on it at an awesome price.

    Made of DWR nylon and water-resistant fabric, you can rest assured that the OneWind top quilt is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. The top quilt external layer fabric is filled with bio-based fiber Sustans from DuPont Sorona. It’s meant for body heat reflection capable of providing the warmth you need, and it’s highly elastic and fluffy capable of giving you the comfort you want.

    The top quilt by OneWind is smartly designed with quick snaps and drawstrings, featuring a convertible foot box. And with just a few adjustments, you can use it as a mat, a blanket, a coat, or a poncho. Indeed, this versatile hammock top quilt is an all-in-one gear and probably the only major sleeping accessory you’d need for your outdoor activity. 

    Aesthetics-wise, the texture’s a bit too silky so if you’re not careful enough, it can easily spread back openly when packing. Plus its compression sack’s a bit too tight so it requires extra patience putting back in. However, other than these minor downsides, the OneWind topquilt is a smart buy. With promising features, you can surely get great value for your money.

    • It offers temperature ratings ranging from 35F to 70F. 
    • It’s extremely compact and portable, weighing only around 1.12OZ/Y2 (38g/m2). 
    • It’s available in two sizes: 86"X55" (2.2MX1.4M) and 78"X55" (1.98MX1.4M); and two colors: Olive Green and Dark Blue.
    • It’s versatile and multi-functional.
    • It’s made of windproof and water-resistant fabric, filled with soft and warm bio-based fibers.
    • It’s the perfect alternative to a sleeping quilt or sleeping bag.
    • It comes with a stuff sack, a draw pole, and a compression strap with a buckle.

    4 Uses of OneWind's Quilt



    As previously mentioned, the OneWind top quilt is versatile and multi-functional - it’s one of the best things we like about this camping hammock top quilt. It has a flexible and easy-to-vent design with impressive quality. Aside from the hand-picked top-class materials used, the exquisite craftsmanship of this top quilt hammock is one of a kind. It showcases excellent stitching with no loose threads and loopholes and is designed to ensure there will be no potential drafts when used. 

    This all-in-one yet budget-friendly outdoor hammock top quilt is an excellent option especially when taken into consideration all key factors and features. Above all, this top quilt by OneWind serves four different purposes.

  • As a Top Quilt
  • As a top quilt, it features a secure footbox wherein you’ll only have to snap together the bottom part and pull the drawstring until you make sure there are no potential drafts. You can then easily slide inside then use the head hole as a vent or secure it for a complete cover-up.

  • As a Poncho
  • As a poncho, it has a lower cut in front to give you more freedom of movement. Simply slip into the quilt through the head hole then secure the poncho by clipping the buckles depending on how tight you need or want it to be.

  • As a Blanket
  • As a blanket, it offers similar warmth and comfort. All you have to do is to unsnap or unbuckle the quilt and lay it flat on your sleeping area. Slip inside and cover up your whole body or up until on top of your head since it’s that long and spacious enough.

  • As a Mat
  • As a mat, it features a tapered design. It tapers down towards the foot box. You can use it as a sleeping mat directly laid on the ground or inside a tent or on a hammock. It can also be used as a picnic mat or a dry place where you can safely place your essentials while enjoying the outdoors.

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