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Backpack Cover, Gear Hammock, Chair Hammock - Onewind Got You Covered

It’s finally your rest day and so you’ve set up your porch swing to somehow wear off the one week’s worth of stress. Until you’ve felt the urge to go on a minor hike; after all, it’s been quite a long time since your last outdoor adventure. So you grabbed your hiking bag, threw in some camping essentials, a bug net, your favorite hammock gear loft, first aid kit, and some food supplies. You hurriedly drove to your favorite spot, wanting to set up and settle before the sunset. Everything was cozy and perfect until you had to sit on the ground to eat because you chose to leave your folding chair since it’s a bit bulky for your quick travel. Then when you had to put away your leftovers and the rest of your stuff, you realized you forgot your boat gear hammock, the stuff sack, and your portable organizer. And unlucky you, the rain poured during the trail going back to the jump-off - worse, you didn’t bring any raincoat or at least a backpack cover.

What’s supposedly a fun and hassle-free experience ended up a disaster mainly because your outdoor gears aren’t pre-planned out. Avoid ending up in such a nightmare by being wiser in choosing your outdoor equipment - with this, Onewind got you covered. 

The Benefits of Multi-Purpose Gears



While most of these outdoor tools are sold separately, some major names in the industry such as Onewind Outdoors have actually started designing and manufacturing multi-purpose gears. Such well-established and widely trusted companies have started innovating to provide travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers the equipment that could catch up to their evolving needs and preferences. And if you’re still having second thoughts, here are some of the benefits of having or using all-in-one outdoor gears. 

  • Space-Saver

  • Multi-purpose gears are portable and handy, allowing you to save a lot of space when packing. For instance, a gear hammock boat that’s convertible to a swing chair and a bug net would obviously be more lightweight than carrying those three tools separately.

  • Energy-Saver

  • An all-in-one tool helps you avoid going through the tedious process of creating a stuff checklist and actually going through it every time you travel. Since you got the basic things you need in one piece of equipment - a hammock gear with underbelly gear slings and stuff sack for example - it’s more convenient to pack, carry, set up, and store.

  • Time-Saver

  • If you’ve got everything you need in one gear, it would be easier to set up since all you need to do is put up that single piece of equipment, instead of setting up multiple ones. So after securing your gear sling hammock, per se, you won’t need to set up your other gears from scratch, allowing you to save and use your time for more valuable stuff.

  • Money-Saver

  • Then, of course, since you won’t have to buy the gears separately, you’d be spending less. If you’re keen or thorough enough in choosing premium materials and exquisite designs, you’ll surely get better value for your money. Multi-purpose hammock gear hammocks are a money-saver, making those practical choices.

    Key Gear Hammock Features to Look For



    Gears, in general, are necessary for ensuring the safety and comfort of your travels and adventures. In fact, for your indoor and outdoor activities, it’s a must that you’re properly equipped with the right tools and knowledge to prevent accidents and/or to mitigate risks. 

    Then it’s not enough that you have all the gears you need; you must ensure you invest only in equipment made of high-quality materials and those that are exquisitely designed and manufactured - from your gear hammocks to sleeping bags to bug nets to ponchos to quilts to bag covers to boat gear hammocks. 

    To ensure optimum performance, as well as efficiency and reliability, here are some key factors you might want to consider when choosing your all-in-one hammock hanging hardware and similar multi-purpose gears.

  • Quality of Materials

  • The durability of the gear greatly relies on the materials used. Of course, you can’t expect premium equipment from substandard materials. So be sure to check out the bag fabric, the nylon gear hammock, the tensioner, the sling, and all other materials used.

  • Level of Craftsmanship

  • The quality of materials would be useless if the craftsmanship is not well-thought-of and well-executed. Check out how it’s manufactured - from the overall construction to the tiniest details such as the stitches. For instance, inspect the hammock chair hanging rope since it basically holds everything in place.

  • Suitability of Design

  • Aside from functionality, aesthetics also play an important role in selecting your outdoor gear. From the types to sizes to colors to patterns, of course, it’s only logical to get the equipment with the design that suits your preferences.

  • Value of Price

  • The price tag might be the least of your worries especially if you’re really after the durability and reliability of your stuff. After all, the good things usually come with a price. You have to, however, see to it that you get great value for your money.

    Onewind Outdoors Most Versatile Gear 

    Onewind has been providing high-quality products to hundreds of thousands of adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts across the globe. For years now, Onewind has been consistently and tirelessly innovating to ensure they get to offer the most timely and relevant outdoor equipment. They showcase a robust collection of advanced and modern gears that are exquisitely designed - both functionality and aesthetics-wise. 

    Onewind is well-known for its sturdy and cozy outdoor gears that are specifically manufactured with the user’s safety and comfort in mind - from hammock gear sling to chair hanging rope swing to waterproof backpack rain cover to resistant cushion to hammock camping accessories.

    One of the most widely sought-after products of Onewind Outdoors is their multi-purpose hammock - a backpack cover, gear hammock, and chair hammock in one product. It’s built with hand-picked premium materials that are lightweight, water-resistant, and scratch-proof. This all-in-one equipment is designed for portability, efficiency, and accessibility, making it a practical choice for your next adventure.

    Aside from its various inclusions and purposes, this multi-purpose gear hammock of Onewind is extremely easy to set up in a way that even first-timers could put it up without much hassles and troubles. Thanks to the 3-hole guyline adjustable tensioner, all you have to do is hang the paracord on both ends of the hammock and fasten each to the said hardware. The built-in stuff sack should be readily available once you’ve set up the main hammock. And should you want to, you can easily attach the gear hammock beneath the main hammock for more convenient access. The swing hammock and the bag cover have a similar hang/attach-and-fasten quick setup system.

    This multi-purpose hammock is, indeed, a must-have for all your camping trips and outdoor activities. Let’s delve deeper into what this versatile gear from Onewind Outdoors has to offer.

  • Product Description

  • Onewind Backpacking Cover & Gear Hammock is made of 1.1 ounces Sil nylon, a waterproof and lightweight fabric. It’s designed to keep your stuff off the ground but still within your arm’s reach. This all-in-one equipment can be utilized as a camping hammock, gear sling, food storage, rain cover, and swing or chair hammock. It’s not only waterproof but also dust-proof and scratch-proof, making it an ideal and practical gear for hiking, camping, bushcraft, cycling, trekking, and any other outdoor activity.

  • Product Variations

  • This multi-purpose gear hammock from Onewind is available in three different sizes (small, medium, large) and two colors (old green, blue) with prices ranging from $17.90 to $22.90. Regardless, you can expect ultralight durable waterproof equipment. Here are the dimensions, depending on the size of your choice.

    • Large - 55"X47", 140CMX120CM, >70L
    • Medium - 43"X35", 110CMX90CM, 50L-70L
    • Small - 35"X31.5", 90CMX80CM, <50L

  • Product Inclusions

  • Onewind’s versatile gear hammock can be instantly converted into gear storage, pack cover, or chair hammock. Hence, you can expect that this multi-purpose Hammock Gear Sling comes with all the tools and accessories you need for easy installation and comfortable set-up - from the 12feet tree straps to stuff sack to hammock tarp sleeve to extra paracords to guyline tensioners. 

  • Product Uses

  • When not in use, this all-in-one outdoor equipment is packaged in a compact and portable hammock sack. It has a multi-functional design, making it a must-have gear for all your travels and adventures. 

    • As a Camping Hammock. Use it as your regular camping hammock where you can sleep and rest comfortably while keeping you off from the coldness of the ground, as well as from possible ground animal attacks or insect bites.
    • As a Storage Hammock. Use it as safe storage for your food supplies, gear, and other accessories. You can attach it beneath your gear hammock or fasten it atop the tree or on any elevated area.
    • As a Chair Hammock. Use it as a swing or chair hammock by simply adjusting the paracords and knots.
    • As a Pet Hammock. Use it as a hammock for your pets since it’s made of durable and high-quality materials. Plus, the overall fabric is scratch proof so it should be a safe shelter for your pet travel buddies.
    • As a Pack Cover. Use it as a rain cover for your stuff since the materials used are waterproof. It also has a quick locking system that should fit any hiking/camping bags.

    Why Onewind?

    Here, at Onewind Outdoors, every single product is designed and manufactured with users’ needs and preferences in mind. You can rest assured that all aspects of each piece of equipment are thoroughly crafted - from the main fabric to the suspension systems to the cords/ropes to the stitches/patches. 

    Furthermore, Onewind is tirelessly innovating to give you only the most reliable and most advanced outdoor gear. This multi-purpose gear hammock, for instance, is a manifestation of Onewind’s vision of providing high-quality accessories for your essential travels, grand adventures, and usual activities within indoor or outdoor spaces.

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