Tarp FAQs

Question: What accessoried comes with the tarp
Onewind has different sizes of double hammocks and single hammocks.
11' and 12' are the most popular gathering end hammocks.

Please view our website and choose the size that suits you.
Please make sure to check the spec page of the hammock you're interested in as each hammock is different.

Question: What's the guyline collection system and what's function?
The guline collection system includes the line locker, shock cords, and stop cord.

Line locker: No knots required. Easy to set up and adjust the length of the guyline
Shock cord: Shock cords at the end of guy lines are a self-tensioner that produces a constant tug on the line to prevent tarps from ripping in high wind.

Stop cord: Collect guylines easily. Keep guyline neat and tidy

Question: How to use the guyline tenstioner?

Question: What size tarp do I need for a hammock?
Regardless of what style tarp you choose, you want to ensure the tarp extends between 6 to 12 in. (15 to 30 cm) over each end of your hammock.
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