This Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock Is The Ideal Addition To Any Travel Gear

This Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock Is The Ideal Addition To Any Travel Gear

Our customers are loving every product here at our store. onewind Outdoors offers a range of products for any outdoor travel, including hammocks, tarps, rain flies, quits, accessories, and so much more. One of the best products in the catalog is the 11' Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock

Why our customers prefer the camouflage hammock

It is interesting to take a look at why customers prefer a camping hammock with a camouflage design over the others. Many of them are obsessed with the camouflage design, and for various reasons. Camouflage hammocks tend to have less visual impact, so they pave the way for the traveler to stay visually low-key when they are at the camp. 

According to ScienceDirect, the purpose of camouflage is to get close to the prey to overpower it, or deceive the hunter for survival purposes. Outdoorsy individuals like to get their travel gear with camouflage design because of these advantages. It is defined as the use of coloration or materials for concealment, either to make animals or objects difficult to see, or disguising them. 

Moving right along, onewind is fortunate enough to have customers who are not only purchasing the products or are loyal with the brand, but also those who are willing to share their reviews about the product they purchased. Many of these reviews are uploaded on YouTube. 

Real Life Adventures

One of the customers who bought the ultralight camping hammock in camouflage design is YouTuber Real Life Adventures. He has been updating his subscribers about his whereabouts, his travels, his bonding moments with this family, who are often featured in many of the videos, and so much more for around a year now. Most of the videos at Real Life Adventures are about their outdoor travels, particularly their fishing, creek crossing, river trips, camping adventures, and more. There are videos of catching bowfin, catfish fishing, and feeding squirrels, among others. Moreover, there are also videos at home such as the video showing them making sweet tea. 

Real Life Adventures started talking about what are inside the product package of the onewind 11-inch Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock. 

“This is what I carry all the time. I love this hammock. I got for my everyday pack, for just around the house, and then I am thinking what about for Trevor?” Real Life Adventures stated. 

He then offered a fresh perspective on what onewind’s ultralight camping hammock can do. Practically, it is for everyone. But what is favorable about the hammock is also what it can do for youngsters, according to Real Life Adventures. 

onewind’s 11' Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock

Before we proceed to the video review, let us get a preview of what the onewind 11' Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock is all about. 

This camouflage camping hammock features 1.1-ounce 20D ripstop nylon fabric, a bed weight of 215 grams, and a length of 11-inch long hammock rated at 250 pounds. Generally, its size is at 11 inches by 55 inches, with a packed size of 7.1 inches by 3.5 inches. The storage is a drawstring stuff sack, its maximum weight load at 250 pounds, and each package includes your double-ended stuff sack, two-cinch buckles, two-adjustable ridgeline, ridgeline organizer, plus the 2 inches by 12 inches tree strap as free gift.

Since it is of ripstop nylon, you can expect the product to be durable and lightweight. The double-sided stuff sack keeps the hammock away from the ground. Plus, the single layer tree strap is lightweight, providing for hassle-free travels. It also has a ridgeline organizer, perfect for storing your phone and other valuables. 

The best hammock for outdoor adventures

Real Life Adventures bought the ultralight hammock in camouflage design for Trevor or his day bag. He said, “It is a great addition to my gear.”

After giving the viewers an overview of what the package includes, he then showed how the camouflage ultralight hammock works. They also showed how to attach it to a tree trunk, with the buckles for attachment. They were able to install the hammock from one tree trunk to the other. Trevor also shares his thoughts from time to time in the video.

They also showed how the traveler can use the hammock, literally showing them lying down on the ultralight hammock lets the viewers see it in action. Trevor likes the onewind logo printed all over. 

Real Life Adventures also showed how to disassemble the hammock for storage, getting it back to where it came from and how it looks like in the beginning. You should get this camouflage ultralight and compact camping hammock. Keep safe while traveling! 

To learn more about onewind, you can keep browsing the website at There are tons of insights in our official blog. 

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