Onewind Reviews: Here Is What Our Customer Is Saying About Our Hammock Tarp

Onewind Reviews: Here Is What Our Customer Is Saying About Our Hammock Tarp


either you are traveling in the summer, autumn, winter, or spring, what you need is the perfect travel gear that will allow you to live out your travel adventure to the fullest. One of the things you will need is this Ultralight Hammock Silnylon Tarp from onewind. Later on, you will get to know more about this hammock tarp, as we feature a review from one of our customers.

This travel gear is touted as the best hammock tarp for all seasons, so there is really no way to hinder yourself from traveling whether it is cold in the winter or hot in the summer. During summertime, the doors of this silnylon hammock tarp can be folded up so you have a nice breeze, fold it during wintertime or when protecting the traveler from the rains. 

What our customers think about the silnylon hammock tarp?

Travelers can have a variety of preferences when it comes to their travel gear. While shops like onewind Outdoors can offer the best products with top-notch qualities, at the end of the day, it will all boil down to what the traveler really needs. 

Traveling with a hammock tarp is way better than not bringing a hammock tarp. Why? You will never know what your destinations will look like, even if you have seen the weather forecast or prepared for it. It could be cold, rainy, or windy. Hammock tarps will offer you the best protection from the rain. It replaces a tree tent by setting up a better space for the camper or traveler. It also provides the insulation and warmth retention for campers. This travel gear also protects you from the wind, thus, you get better sleep and you escape from a night of shivering. You get to keep your health at its best also. These are the reasons why our Ultralight Hammock Silnylon Tarp is the ideal year-round option. Invest in what will keep you comfortable during your travels. 

Traveler and traveler influencer Matt Anthony, who has his own YouTube page Mattatarian, and also happens to be one of onewind’s customers recently reviewed the silnylon hammock tarp. His first YouTube video was over 10 years ago, and this traveler does not only share clips and videos of his trips, but also share a bit of his personality with his music covers. So, did he like onewind’s hammock tarp? Let us find out. 

“I was really impressed with its performance,” Mattatarian said in the video, pertaining to the hammock tarp. 

He started talking about the material it is made of, which he said he likes because of how it protects the traveler from the rain. This onewind tarp and rainfly comes from durable, abrasion resistant, 20D Silnylon Ripstop, plus it is coated with silicone/PU 4,000mm waterproofing. It is lightweight at 12' x 9’ 7”. He also loves how its weight is, and the other travel gear that come with it. They include the aluminum stakes, carabiners, aluminum guy line adjusters, and the stuff sack, among others. 

He further said, “Another feature I like about this tarp, [they got shock cords attached,] which is really nice.” 

This, he added, will ensure that the hammock tarp will remain in place no matter how you use it. Every traveler can simply roll the cords if unused, to keep things organized. 

He wants to end camping adventures where rains hinder the travel, so he chose a hammock tarp that will protect him from the splash outs and winds. He also likes how it traps in heat. 

“It’s gonna be a great addition to my pack without breaking the bank,” Matt Anthony further noted, saying how it is also ideal for backpacking. 

This onewind hammock also paves the way for a variety of options to set up. It allows every traveler to set up the shelter, even if the place does not offer a lot of possibilities for easy installation. 

“Overall, I am seriously impressed with this tarp. [It is not like others that] do not serve a middleground for budget-conscious weekend warriors like myself,” Mattatarian noted. Two-thumbs up for onewind’s hammock tarp

What is customer Mattatarian’s verdict about onewind’s hammock tarp? He highly recommends it. 

“Honestly, I am impressed with how it is made,” Mattatarian said. 

This hammock tarp simply packs all the things you need to keep your hammock easy to set up with accessories into a pouch. Also, travelers can also transform the tarp into different versions, depending on the season, enabling this to be a four-season protection that is right for all your trips. Know more about onewind and its products. Browse the website at


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