A Review Of onewind With The Ultimate Hang

A Review Of onewind With The Ultimate Hang

A Review Of onewind With Derek Hansen

Revolutionize the way you travel. Whether it is camping in the woods, hiking in a beautiful mountain, or mountain climbing to the Himalayas, or elsewhere, sporting or bringing travel gear with you like camping hammocks, winter socks or tarps is always better than having none at all. More so when you stay for the night in areas like forests or deserts, you need them more than you can imagine. 

Derek Hansen, an acclaimed outdoor enthusiast and the mind behind The Ultimate Hang, has recently delved into the offerings of onewind. His unscripted review covers three key products: the onewind Ultralight Hammock Silnylon Tarp 12', the 11' Double Wide Camping Hammock, and the Winter Sock. Let's explore the onewind products he evaluated.

The Products He Reviewed

The first product he reviewed from onewind is the silnylon tarp. This tarp system coming from our brand has everything you need to set up your hammocks well, and offers the traveler with their four-season protection. 

The tarp or the rainfly, to call it the other way, is made from 20D silnylon ripstop that is durable and abrasion resistant. It is also coated with silicone at PU 4000mm waterproofing. There are 11 tie-outs and four pullouts with heavy-duty stitching that is one of the best in the industry. It also comes with every accessory you need to make it happen.

Then, he also talks about the camping hammock. onewind’s camping hammock lets you escape the daily grind, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a space where you can relax your mind, body, and spirit. It is lightweight, so it is perfect for backpacking trips, durable enough for everyday use, and provides room for two adults already. Whether you are on the trail, just at the backyard, or in the backwoods, this hammock will let you feel at home when you are on it. 

Derek Hansen includes the winter sock in his video review, so those are three products in one review video. Sounds cool, right? Well, the third product is the hammock winter sock, designed to create a microclimate for the camper through reducing heat loss to air movement. This is the perfect hammock gear to bring when camping in the winter.

The winter sock is made with DWR 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon to offer the camper with durability, breathability, and wind resistance. It also protects from stains, snow, light rain, and mist. Let them roll off the winter sock. So who is Derek Hansen? 

About Derek Hansen

Derek Hansen is not only a traveler and an outdoor enthusiast, but he is also a book author. One of his published books is titled “The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping” which is quite popular online and among outdoor travel revelers too.

His “The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping,” with a revised edition and re-written version features frequently asked questions about hammocks for new hangers, and a special advanced section for veterans, plus a do-it-yourself section that will let every traveler get their grip on making their hammock gear. 

He considers himself as a lightweight backpacker, a former Scoutmaster, and a “hammock enthusiast” who has had the luck to enjoy his very first hammock hang at the age of 14. This was in a Boy Scout high adventure base. When not testing out, perhaps reviewing outdoor gear, Derek Hansen enjoys quality time with the family he loves. He has his official website, The Ultimate Hang.

He also has his official YouTube channel, “Derek Hansen” where he publishes videos where he shares tips and in-depth skills on staying dry, staying warm, and staying bug-free while at camp or while at your adventures. Interestingly enough, one of the brands he reviewed is onewind. Let us take a look at what he is saying about onewind’s products. 

What He Says About onewind’s Products

Unlike other customers who reviewed onewind, and there is nothing wrong with their reviews, Derek Hansen’s review was what he notes as an unscripted review of the products. It is a three-in-one review. He reviews the onewind camping hammock, the silnylon tarp, and the winter sock. Let us begin with the tarp. 

“It’s actually, probably one of the best-made gear I’ve seen,” Derek states. 

What is great about watching his video review is how he does it like how many written articles are laid out online. He enumerates the pros and the cons. For the onewind tarp, one of the features he likes the most is the shock cord. He also likes how the carabiners are closing off the tarp doors.

“You’ve not only privacy in a storm situation,” he says. “You can really effectively see loft in all sides of the tarp.”

He is helping every interested buyer of onewind’s products to learn about their offerings, by honestly enumerating the cons. 

He also shares tips on how the traveler can maximize the use of the onewind products he reviews. 

“It is a very well-made tarp. I can definitely recommend it,” Derek says. 

Next, he reviews the camping hammock. He likes the way the travel gear are “doing their homework.”

“They’ve really done a great job of adding those little bits that go above and beyond just a simple hammock,” he adds. 

He likes the various features of the onewind hammock, including the reinforced tie-outs. He also likes the ripstop fabric, since they are very comfortable. Like with the tarp, he goes very honest about his review, since he shares about the cons as well. 

Meanwhile, for the winter sock, he likes the lightweight fabric that this winter cover comes with. 

“It is a very lightweight fabric,” he further notes. “When I use these two, it’s not only for extra cloth. If it is windy and I’m not expecting rain, [it can go without the tarp] because sometimes, tarps just become sails in the wind. It cuts the wind out, and keeps me even a little bit warmer…”

He also likes the bug net that comes with the winter sock. 

Furthermore, he shares tips on how travelers like you can make the most out of these onewind products. 

For more information about onewind and what our customers are saying about our products, keep it tuned right here at www.onewindoutdoors.com

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