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Onewind hammock Introduction--Reviewed By Denis geht raus


Today I would like to introduce you to a hammock from the Onewind brand. Onewind is still a relatively unknown brand in Europe, but it is already well known in the USA for the good price/performance ratio of its products. In addition to hammocks, suspensions, tarps, and quilts, there are also other accessories in the range, such as gear hammocks, underquilt protectors and windsocks, etc.


It is a complete set. Consists of the hammock bed, a fully enclosing mosquito net, an adjustable UHMWPE Ridgeline, a Ridgeline organizer, and a suspension with tree straps and clamping buckles.


The hammock is delivered in a packsack that can be opened at both ends. A UHMWPE Loop with a Cinch buckle hangs out at one end. This makes it easier to hang up the hammock.



The hammock is a classic gathered-end hammock. that is gathered at the ends using UHMWPE loops. The hammock I got for testing is 335cm (11 feet) long and 170cm wide. This is a wide version, which Onewind calls Double. The hammock is also available in a standard width of 140cm and in various lengths. There is something for everybody's size. Unfortunately, with my height of 1.72 m, I don't benefit from the extra-wide fabric. If I lie with my head on the edge of the hammock, then there is still some unused material on the opposite side of the feet. Therefore I recommend the wide version to people over 1.80m. From 1.90m I would also recommend the 365cm (12 foot) long XXL version. Smaller people will be happier with the narrower version.


The hammock consists of a single-layer 70D hexagon ripstop nylon. This fabric stretches relatively little, so that it is suitable for overnight stays. With my 80kg, I could lie very comfortably in the hammock.


There are several loops on the sides of the hammock bed that are intended for attaching the Onewind underquilt



The hammock is equipped with an adjustable UHMWPE Ridgeline in a whoopie sling design. This allows you to save the perfect sag for yourself and always has the right setting of the hammock every time you set it up. I recommend setting the Ridgeline to a length of 83% of the hammock bed length. Depending on how you feel you can then experiment with more or less slack.


In addition, there is a Ridgeline organizer with two compartments on both sides and a slot in the middle, as well as an eyelet for attaching a lamp.



The hammock is hung up with polyester straps and adjusted with the cinch buckles. Thanks to the illustrated instructions that are included in the scope of delivery, the hammock can be easily hung up and adjusted. The tree strap is placed around the tree, one end is pulled through the loop at the other end and then threaded through the cinch buckle. Excess webbing can be tidied up with a rubber band.



The cinch buckles hold securely and are still easy to adjust. Overall, this is a solid and tree-friendly type of suspension, even if not the lightest.


If the hammock is hung up, the huge mosquito net is immediately noticeable.



Such an external, fully enclosing network is nothing new. But in contrast to other manufacturers, Onewind does not have a zipper entry here. The net has a large opening on the underside that can be pulled by means of an elastic cord. You simply lift the net, put the opening over your head and sit down on the hammock as normal. Unlike hammocks with an integrated net, you don't have to laboriously close the zipper. And where there is no zipper, nothing can get jammed or broken.


The net is gathered at the ends with a cord and cord stopper. So you can also completely remove it from the hammock. One end has a larger opening, which is intended to allow the net to be pulled back over the hammock and stowed in the stuff sack. In addition, you can easily attach an underquilt and then pull the net out of the stuff sack over the hammock and underquilt. You thought about it during the development!



I really liked the external mosquito net with the entry form below. The net could be a little shorter in height. If you have installed the hammock at seat height, the net will touch the floor when you are not lying on the hammock. But that's the only point of criticism I have about the whole set.


Unfortunately, such a large mosquito net also weighs a lot and contributes to the slightly over 1.2kg for the set. This brings us to an important point: who is this set suitable for? Due to the high weight, it is certainly not suitable for hikers who walk many kilometers a day. It is more for bushcraft workers and people who like to spend the night in the forest without having to travel a long way. And it's especially suitable for hammock newbies who don't want to spend a lot of money on their first hammock. Not much money? Yes, € 75 for this set and what it offers is really not a lot of money.

Conclusion: With this hammock set Onewind delivered a price/performance hit! For € 75 you really get a lot on offer, in a well-thought-out design and good quality. I really have nothing serious to complain about with the set and that's why it is my recommendation for every hammock beginner!


The set can either be bought on Amazon or directly from Onewind.


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From: Dennis under Outdoor Equipment

This article was originally published in German in Denis geht raus and translated in English.

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