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Gear Hammock and Backpack Cover Set Up

Gear Hammock Setup

gear hammock set up

Take out the aluminium guyline tensioners on both side of gear hammock and setup the tensioners as shown below:

Guyline Tensioner Setup

The 3-hole guyline tensioners help setting up the gear hammock a breeze, requiring less than 60 seconds. Its unique design allows faster adjustments that won’t slip and does not require any knots.

Backpack Cover Set upBackpack Cover Setup

Tighten the three drawstrings on both end. 

Backpacking Cover

Put down the gear hammock and spread it on the ground and put the backpack into the rain cover.

Multiple Usage of backpack Cover

Gear hammock and Backpack cover set up

Tighten the drawstrings and pull them around the hip belts on both sides for a secure and perfect fit.

Waterproof backpack cover

Pull both side drawstrings from one end to the other, and secure/lock the drawstrings to the shock cord hook tied with a green line.

The olive green gear hammock will be a good gift for camping planning. A compact gear hammock can quickly help you store stuff and keep everything clean. It can be used as a waterproof rain cover if the rain pours. Kindly refer to the following guide and get an easy set-up.

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