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Onewind Screen House: Keep the Bugs Out and Let the Fresh Air In

It’s finally the weekend and aside from not waking up on an alarm for work or being bombarded with deadlines, you actually woke up on the right side of the bed, in the mood for any fun and exciting activity. Upon taking a look outside, the weather seems to be cooperating - no hints of rain, and wind is just blowing subtly. So you packed up your stuff, drove down to the outskirts of the city, and set up a camp on your favorite spot near the lake. You’re really enjoying the peace and quiet until after lunch when the sun’s heat is too harsh and insects start to bug you. The supposedly calming sunset view has been ruined by these annoying external factors.

A scenario that sounds familiar? Well, we got some good news for you! With this Onewind camping equipment, you can bid goodbye to harsh sun rays, unexpected rain showers, and annoying pests. Our Hammock Screen House has been specifically built for such circumstances, allowing you to spend some time with nature without compromising your safety, security, and convenience.


Why you should consider Hammock Screen House?

In a nutshell, a hammock screen house is a portable house-like structure that’s made of good quality screen/mesh with a waterproof tarp canopy that serves as a roof. It comes in various forms - screen tarp house to camping screen house with rain flaps to screen house tent to tarp bugnet. Regardless, camping using a hammock with a screen, in general, enables you to savor nature - the breath-taking views, the refreshing air, the calming sounds - without the nuisance of bugs, mosquitoes, insects, or any other flying pests you cannot even name.

These screens are often underrated and overlooked, but this portable camping equipment can actually serve several purposes, making your outdoor event way more comfortable and convenient. Here are two main reasons why you might need to buy a hammock screen house.

  • Insect Protection

  • The main purpose of camping screen houses or camping shelters is to keep away pests and bugs which we all know seem to be regular (uninvited) guests on almost all outdoor events and activities. After all, the best places to camp are their natural habitats. So since basically, it’s the campers who are sharing their space, using screens to set boundaries would be more humane instead of, per se, using harmful chemicals. 

  • Weather Protection

  • The screens won’t totally block sunrays (well obviously because there are holes on them); however, in most screen houses - like Onewind the screens are strategically weaved to ensure you won’t have to endure harsh direct sunlight. Also, these are usually built with waterproof roofs and bottom parts to keep you dry during rain.

    Then, whatever your reason may be for buying and using a hammock screen house, it’s vital to get only the best one - the one that could best cater to your needs and suit your preferences. Here are some important factors you might want to consider when shopping for your camping screen equipment.

    • Materials. Check out the description of the product to know for sure that the materials used aren’t substandard. If you’re specifically looking for a screen house for protection, it’s vital that you get one that’s made of high-quality materials.

    • Craftsmanship. Aside from the material itself, be sure that it’s flawlessly manufactured. You could check out the stitches and cuts and all the small details - exquisite craftsmanship usually manifests in the tiniest details.  

    • Portability. Camping outdoors would require you to bring loads of stuff, especially if, of course, you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient experience. Opting for compact and portable camping equipment could significantly help.

    • Convenience. Then, of course, regardless of how advanced camping equipment would get, it’s wise to always go for brands that offer absolute ease of access - something that’s easy to set up, to pack, and to store.

    Why Buy Onewind’s Hammock Screen House?

    Onewind specializes in manufacturing high-quality equipment that’s capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and any other external factors all while providing comfort and peace of mind. Here, at Onewind, we always see to it that we manage to pull off perfectly balanced aesthetics and functionality, efficiency and convenience, worth and value on every outdoor product we offer.

    So, if you’re looking for the best camping screen house, Onewind Outdoors got you covered. Our portable screen house camping surely ticks all from the aforementioned list of factors you must consider when shopping for a camping screen house. You can rest assured that Onewind’s hammock screen house for camping is specifically designed to help you have a fun and exciting outdoor experience without compromising your safety and security.


    • Protect you from pesky bugs. As compared to the bugnet used for the hammock, where pesky mosquitoes can actually follow you inside, a screen house will protect you even if you are not lying down on the hammock. The bug protection extends within the area covered by the screen house. 

    • Extend protection to include your pet companion. The tarp screen house is great if you are camping with your pet. Not only will the screen house protect you from bugs and rain, but also your pet who will most likely be sleeping on the ground. 

    • Savor the ambiance of nature while still retaining some sort of privacy. What’s good about the screen house is that you can set up picnic chairs inside and dine in the comfort and protection of the screen/mesh. 

    Other benefits include:

    • Protection from harsh sunlight.
    • Reduce the risk of skin diseases due to insect bites.
    • Continue to enjoy camping even while the rain is pouring.

    Onewind’s screen house camping equipment is made of durable materials and is strategically and smartly assembled, making it the best screen house for camping. It’s designed to still provide a 360 degrees view of your camping area while offering 360 degrees protection as well. This multi-functional height-adjustable screen can be used to protect your hammock, picnic table, camping tent, or any other area you’ve chosen to chill.

    The product comprises a 12-foot silnylon tarp with guylines, tent stakes, guyline tensioners, and other accessories - all weighing roughly around 1 kg only. It’s compact and portable so it won’t really take too much space in your car or baggage. 

    Onewind Tarp Screen house dimensions


    If used with our Onewind hammock rain fly, the height of the screen house can be adjusted to a height of 2 meters or 1.5 meters.

    Floor Area
    The Onewind Screen House follows the dimensions covered by the Onewind tarp, which is an area of 7 to 8 square meters. 

  • Required Tarp Dimensions

  • The Onewind screen house can be used with a tarp with these dimensions:

    The Onewind screen house is versatile as it can be used with any brand of tarp, as long as it is also hexagonal in shape and have more or less the same dimensions as above.

    Our mosquito nets are designed according to the size of Onewind tarp. Since it is versatile, it can also be used with other tarp brands. The top view of the mosquito net is hexagonal,

    Because the angle of each side of the hexagon is not fixed, it can be suitable for the hexagonal canopy with different lengths. As long as the length of the six sides of your canopy does not exceed the size of the six sides of the mosquito net, then our mosquito net is suitable for use on your existing canopy.

    Though the screen’s designed to withstand extreme external factors like weather conditions, should you need to replace it for some reason, you can conveniently do so, unlike screen houses from other brands that once the screen gets ripped, the whole screen house becomes useless. The replaceable design could surely come in handy. 

    Bottom line, the Onewind hammock screen house would surely provide great value for your money.

    Here are also some of the questions people ask with regards to hammock screen houses, camping shelters, and screen tents:


    What is a screen house used for?

    A screen house is a structure with walls made from screens and a shade canopy as a roof. These structures are designed to keep out insects and to provide shade, creating a shelter which allows people to enjoy the outside world without exposing themselves to insect bites or strong sun.

    What is tent screen made of?


    Polyester mesh is breathable, lightweight, and strong. A remarkably versatile fabric, typical screened mesh has been used to create tent accessories like sidewalls and window covers, fence screens at construction sites, and sport banners in stadiums.

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