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Ultralight Toilet Chair Hammock

Ultralight Toilet Chair Hammock

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Size & Weight

Size: 1.8m*1.4m (71"*55")
Total weight: 405g (14.29oz)
Hammock Bed: 155g (5.47oz)
Tree Straps and Cinch Buckle: 250g (8.82oz)


Hammock Bed: 1.7oz 40g nylon ripstop fabric
Tree Straps: Polyester Tree Straps

Accessories List

Hammock Bed*1
Integrated Stuff Sack*1
Cinch Buckle * 2
10' Tree Straps *2

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Product Description

Redefining Outdoor Adventures

Experience the Ultralight Toilet Chair Hammock, a game-changer for every outdoor enthusiast. This groundbreaking product effortlessly merges the lightweight convenience of ultralight gear with the dual functionality of a hammock and a camping toilet.

Hygiene Meets Elegance

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Ultralight Toilet Chair Hammock boasts an easy-to-use bottom zipper for a seamless and hygienic experience. Say goodbye to traditional camping toilets and embrace the future of outdoor convenience.

Travel Light, Lounge Right

Every ounce counts when you're on the move. Our Ultralight Toilet Chair Hammock ensures you don't compromise on comfort while keeping your backpack feather-light. Whether you're hiking, camping, or just stargazing in your backyard, it's the perfect companion.


Eco-Conscious, User-Friendly Design

we believe in treading lightly on our planet. The eco-friendly materials and design of Onewind Ultralight Toilet Chair Hammock ensure you leave no trace behind, all while enjoying unmatched comfort and utility.