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Tarp Poles

Tarp Poles

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225g/8oz for 2 poles with Suspensions

7 series aluminum

Package folded: 31.5cm/12.4 inches
Unfolded: 143.5cm/56 inches

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Product Description


1. Increase room under your tarp
2. Extend the reach and adjust the height of your tarp shelter easily
3. Helps you build unique shelter set-ups


The Onewind Camping Tarp Poles are designed to enhance the functionality and comfort of your hammock camping experience providing you with more space, protection, and versatility in different outdoor settings.

Hammock Tarp

OUTDOOR TARP POLE MODS. Whether you'd like more room underneath your hammock tarp or to configure your tarp into porch mode, our tarp poles are the perfect addition to transform any camping location into a home away from your home.

IMPROVES VENTILATION. Increase the headroom of your hammock tarp with these pole mods to optimize airflow, minimizing condensation and fostering superior ventilation within your shelter. This can help maintain a more comfortable and dry environment during humid or rainy weather.
Camping Tarp Poles
SIMPLE TO SET AND TAKE DOWN. Simply open it to the length you need and then twist the lock to keep it in place, with our superior lock mechanism. Each set also has shock cords and hooked cord locks to help keep the pole mods in place.

DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Made from 7 series heavy-duty aluminum, each pole is durable, highly wind-resistant, and stable. Each pole has a diameter of 0.85 cm and weighs 110g with suspensions, ensuring ease of transport and setup without compromising on strength or reliability.

EASY TO ADJUST. Each pole extends up to the height of 143.5 cm and folds down to the compact size of 31.5 cm. It comes with a matching stuff sack for easy storage when not in use.

Experience convenience with OneWind tarp poles